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7 Tekken Bloodline easter eggs that will blow your mind

Sneakier than a snake edge.

Netflix’s Tekken Bloodline anime unravels the story of Jin Kazama and his mysterious martial arts lineage. Working off nearly three a long time of lore, the collection producers snuck in a couple of secret references for diehard Tekken followers on the market.

Tekken chief producer Katsuhiro Harada additionally talked about that the collection dives deeper into the connection between Jin and his mother, Jun Kazama, that reveals new details about Jin’s preventing journey.

Amidst the flashy strikes and household feuds, listed below are 7 Tekken Bloodline Easter eggs that you simply most likely didn’t learn about.

Warning: Spoilers in case you have but to look at Tekken Bloodline season 1.

7 Tekken Bloodline easter eggs hidden in plain sight

The origin of Jin Kazama’s flame pants

Screenshot by Joseph Asuncion/ONE Esports

The reality is out, Jin Kazama’s flame pants usually are not impressed by legendary host and chef, Man Fieri.

The collection reveals that Jin wished the flame design at a younger age as a reminder of his mom’s sacrifice. The flame design resembles the hearth that burned their home down throughout Jun’s battle with Historic Ogre.

In fact, Heihachi didn’t approve the fiery design immediately. Jin finally earned his flames after surviving his grandfather’s arduous preventing routine.

Flooring and wall breaks play an enormous half in Tekken fight

The collection exhibits a handful of fights the place characters find yourself breaking partitions and flooring. Except for including some oomph to a punch or Muscle Buster, it’s truly an vital a part of Tekken gameplay.

Wall and flooring breaks reward the attacking participant with a couple of seconds of air time to increase their combo. There are particular levels which have grow to be notorious for having a number of breaks, resembling Howard Property (three partitions and one balcony) and Forgotten Realm (three flooring).

Right here is an instance of a killer wall break combo from American professional participant Terrelle “Lil Majin” Jackson:

Dr. Bosconovitch is extra than simply Heihachi’s lackey

Dr. Bosconovitch in Tekken Bloodline
Screenshot by Joseph Asuncion/ONE Esports

Dr. Bosconovitch could appear like a innocent scientist, however he’s truly a playable fighter in Tekken 3 and Tekken Tag Match 2.

Regardless of solely having a minor position in Tekken Bloodline’s story up to now, the scientist is liable for creating quite a few fighters for the Tekken match. Kidnapped by Kazuya in Tekken 2, he was pressured to create Alex and Roger, bio-weapons who enter the match as skilled boxers.

Whereas working for Jin Kazama in Tekken 6, Dr. B additionally creates an android named Alisa within the picture of his deceased daughter.

Fighters showcase their greatest strikes

It’s not an actual Tekken adaptation with no few electrifying uppercuts.

The collection did a tremendous job of showcasing character-specific strikes in each battle. Except for the Electrical Wind God Fist (EWGF) of the Mishima clan, we noticed different iconic strikes within the Tekken anime.

Identical to within the recreation, Julia Chang expenses into her opponents with a Lashing Arrow, a transfer that hits each excessive and low areas of an opponent — an authorized scrub destroyer.

King and Paul Phoenix additionally commerce blows in true Tekken trend. After the luchador lands a Rolling Sobat kick, Paul retaliates with a lethal Phoenix Smasher, generally generally known as the Deathfist.

Xiaoyu goes to a faculty established by Heihachi

Ling Xiaoyu and Jin in Tekken Bloodline
Screenshot by Joseph Asuncion/ONE Esports

The collection briefly touches on Ling Xiaoyu’s life as a scholar of Mishima Polytech, nevertheless it performs a much bigger position within the downfall of Heihachi’s conglomerate, the Mishima Zaibatsu.

After receiving an e mail that warned her about Mishima Zaibatsu in Tekken 4, Xiaoyu decides to ditch faculty and enter the match to seek out Jin and reveal the darkish reality behind Heihachi’s firm.

Regardless of discovering the interior workings of Mishima Zaibatsu, Xiaoyu nonetheless acknowledges Heihachi as her mentor. In Tekken 5, she even tried saving the whole Mishima clan by time-traveling to the previous and stopping the previous man from throwing Kazuya off a cliff.

One of the simplest ways to defeat your opponent is with a ki-charge or Rage

In sure fights of Tekken Bloodline, you’ll see characters glowing pink or yellow, and it’s not only for aesthetic functions.

Gamers have the flexibility to ki-charge for bonus assault properties, resembling counter-hit and 1.4-1.5x harm on the primary hit of a combo. This may be seen within the first episode when Jun assaults Jin with glowing arms, the visible cue of a ki-charged fighter.

A more moderen mechanic referred to as Rage — which supplies a personality a glowing pink aura — additionally seems when Jin takes a nasty punch from King. The battle scene is fairly trustworthy to the sport since Rage solely prompts you’re down to twenty% well being. For those who pay attention carefully, you possibly can even hear the Rage sound impact.

Launched in Tekken 6, the Rage system will increase the harm output of your strikes. By Tekken 7, the builders added Rage Arts and Rage Drives that eat a participant’s Rage standing for a particular assault, much like EX Specials in Avenue Fighter.

Tekken 7’s Infinite Azure stage is the afterlife

The blue sky and setting solar are widespread motifs of hope and determination in lots of anime exhibits, however Bloodline’s personal model of it would look fairly acquainted to Tekken followers.

After getting shot by Heihachi, Jin reunites together with his deceased mom one final time in what seems to be to be the afterlife. Jin stands within the vibrant blue sky space whereas his mom seems simply meters away in a sundown background. As soon as Jin recollects his ideas, he returns to actuality unscathed by activating the Satan Gene.

The serene view bears similarities to the day and night time variants of Infinite Azure, the signature infinite stage of Tekken 7. What’s extra, Infinite Azure doesn’t host any fights within the Tekken 7 story mode, which may additional indicate that it exists past the bodily realm.

You’ll be able to try what Infinite Azure seems to be like within the clip down under:

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