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Best Build, Held items, Movesets, and Gameplay Tips

Mew is a brand-new character that may be performed within the brand-new Pokémon Unite MOBA. Mew is an attacker, which suggests Mew has robust offensive capabilities. Nevertheless, Mew has further strikes, making it in a position to be performed in different methods, resembling a supporter Due to this, Mew is normally performed within the prime lane. On this information, we are going to take a better take a look at the most effective battle gadgets, and talents, together with suggestions and tips to play Mew in Pokémon Unite.

Additionally, beforehand, we have now mentioned grasp taking part in with different Pokémon like  Pikachu, MamoswineEldegoss, Zeraora, BlisseyCharizardSnorlaxTsareenaDecidueyeDragoniteTalonflameCinderaceGreninjaGardevoirVenusaurWigglytuffTrevenantGengarLucarioAegislashCrustleHoopaGarchompAbsolAlolan NinetalesDuraludonCramorantBlastoiseSlowbroMachampMr. MimeGreedentAzumarillSylveonEspeon, DelphoxGlaceon, Buzzwole and Tyranitar. Therefore, one must make sure to check those guides as well. For now, let’s focus on Mew.

Mew: In-game Cost

Image via The Pokémon Company

Mew is one of the more expensive Pokémon available for purchase. It can be purchased for either 10000 Aeos coins or 500 Aeos Gems from the in-game shop called the Unite Battle Committee. The shop consists of all the characters available from which players can view general info, stats, and abilities of the Pokémon before purchasing them. However, Mew can be claimed for free by completing a set of missions on the first month of Mews’ release.

Pokémon Unite Mew movesets/abilities

Unlike other characters, Mew has the ability to choose between more moves and reset them! Mews’ playstyle doesn’t revolve around one specific playstyle, but rather having the ability to choose between a variety of playstyles, so that Mew can have a versatile playstyle, that can be chosen for just the right situation!

passive synchronize

Passive – Synchronize

Each time the Pokémon uses a move, it and nearby ally Pokémon have their movement speed increased for a short time.

bonus passive

Bonus Passive: Reset!

When the Pokémon reaches Lv. 5, the Move Reset icon can be used to reset the Pokémons’ moves and learn new ones. This icon goes on cooldown after it is used. Each time, the Pokémon knocks out or makes an assist on a Pokémon on the opposing team or scores a goal, the cooldown of Move Reset is reduced. Using Move Reset, it reduces the cooldown of the Pokémon’s Unite Move.

basic attack pikachu

Basic Attack

Each time, the Pokémon uses a move, it gains a boost counter. A maximum of three counters can be stored. After three boost counters are stored, the Pokémons’ next basic attack becomes a boosted attack that consumes all boost counters and launches a ball of psychic energy at an opposing Pokémon. The further the ball of psychic energy travels, the more damage it deals.

electro ball

Ability 1 – Electro Ball  

The skill has the player hurl an electric orb, dealing damage to the opposing Pokémon in an Area of Effect (AoE) and leaving them paralysed for a short time. This move deals more damage which lowers the opposing Pokemons’ HP.

Upgrade: The skill reduces the moves cooldown and the waiting time before this move can be used on a recently coached Pokémon again without triggering its cooldown

Ability 1 – Solarbeam

solarbeam ability2

The skill consumes the entire muscle gauge and has the player deals damage to an opposing Pokémon in the designated direction. This move deals more damage and more muscle gauge increments are consumed. If this move knocks out an opposing Pokémon, the player recovers HP.

Upgrade: The skill reduces this moves’ cooldown by one second for each opposing Pokémon it hits.

Ability 1 – Surf

ability1 surf

The skill has the player charge forward on a wave, shoving opposing Pokémon and leaving them unable to act. The player gains a shield and becomes immune to hindrances, while using this move. At the end of this move, the player can jump in a designated direction and become immune to hindrances for a short time

Upgrade: The skill strengthens the effect of the shield while using this move.

ability2 coaching

Ability 2 – Coaching

The skill has the user move towards an ally Pokémon, granting that Pokémon a shield and increasing that Pokemon’s basic attack speed. If this move is used on an ally Pokémon that has not been coached its cooldown immediately resets. If this move is used on a recently coached ally Pokémon again within a set amount of time it goes on cooldown. The cooldown of Ability 1 is reduced each time this move is used.

Upgrade: The skill reduces this move’s cooldown and waiting time before the move, and can be used on a recently coached ally Pokémon, without triggering its cooldown.

light screen

Ability 2 – Light Screen

The skill has the player create a translucent wall at the designated location. The opposing Pokémon cannot pass through the wall and will be shoved if they make contact with it. If his Ability 1 passes through the wall, the effects of the move will be boosted. If this move is used again, it pulls the wall closer and has it move with the player, while it moves with the player, attacks from opposing Pokémon that pass through it will deal reduced damage.

Upgrade: It increases the size of the wall.

agility abiility2

Ability 2- Agility

The skill has the player move quickly in the designated direction, increasing its movement speed for a short time. A maximum of two uses can be kept in reserve for this move.

Upgrade: The skill increases the distance the user moves in the designated direction.

Unite Move

Pokémon Unite Mew Guide Unite move
Image via The Pokémon Company

The skill has the user float higher, create a field in its current location and become invincible. The player and ally Pokémon in an Area of Effect enter stealth. After a set amount of time passes, this Unite Move deals damage to opposing Pokémon.

Best items for Mew in Pokémon Unite

Further in this guide, we will discuss the best-held items for Mew in Pokémon Unite, as well as its best battle item.

Best held items

Because Mew is such a versatile Pokémon, the held items of Mews’ can greatly vary. For example, if a player wanted to use a more support-oriented build, they may opt to use more defensive items like Focus Band instead. This guide is an ideal list of items for playing Mew as an offensive attacker. For example, using Electro Ball and Agility.

Item Why it’s useful
Choice Specs Choice Specs is an item that increases a Pokémon’s move damage, as well as their Special attack, by a fixed amount. Mew uses abilities and attacks frequently, thus, Choice Specs has great synergy with this Pokémon.
Buddy Barrier Buddy Barrier is an extremely versatile item that is used on Mew to increase Mew’s base health, and give a teammate a shield. Since Mew is an attacker with some supportive capabilities, Buddy Barrier fits that playstyle really well, as Mew will be around others to give them a shield off Buddy Barrier.
Shell Bell Mew’s abilities are really powerful and scale with a special attack. Using Shell Bell, it increases Mew’s special attack damage lowers Mew’s cooldown rate and heals Mew periodically, after damaging with an ability, which overall has a great amount of benefit on Mew.

Best Battle Items

Mew has a large variety of battle items that can be used as this Pokémon is extremely flexible. Some honourable mentions for battle items include Full Heal and X-Attack.

  • Eject Button: Eject Button instantly moves Mew a short distance of your choice, this item has a 70-second cooldown. The eject button is a universally powerful battle item that can let Mew engage, disengage, or use it as a combo tool.
  • X-Speed: X-Speed increases the movement speed of Pokémon for a few seconds. X-Speed is one of the most useful battle items on Mew, because it can be used to make aggressive plays or to chase down opposing Pokémon easily. It can be used to make hitting abilities easier or rush to teammates to support them easily.
  • Potion: Potion is a 30-second cooldown item that heals the user for 12.5% of their maximum health. Mew needs to be in high health to stay in fights. Using a potion, it ensures that Mew’s health can constantly stay high.

Pokémon Unite Mew Guide: Gameplay Tips

Our Pokémon Unite Mew guide includes the perfect game plan for the early and late game during the Unite battles.

Early Game

In the early game, Mew is stronger than most Pokémon due to having a strong choice of basic abilities and being fully evolved from the start of the game. Because of this, Mew should make sure to play aggressively to stack up some kills and win lane, letting them snowball into the late game. In the lane, Mew is one of, if not the strongest character, for fighting in one-on-one duels, players make sure to put this to good use and pressure the enemy team as much as possible! Mew’s early game ability choice can be a tricky decision because, unlike other Pokémon, Mew has a choice between three different abilities. Here are a few things to consider in choosing the best early-game ability.

Pokémon Unite Mew Guide early game
Image via The Pokémon Company
  • If Mew needs to be able to kill enemies from a long distance away and there is a character with great defences to back Mew up (such as Snorlax), then Solar Beam may be the best option.
  • If Mew needs to be able to use some form of crowd control to push the opposing team away/towards Mew’s team, then surf may be the best option. This ability works well with a melee character with high damage in lane (E.G Tsareena), since, Surf forces the opponent into the melee character and closes the gap between them
  • If Mew needs a combination of both damage and crowd control effects, then the Electro Ball may be the best move of choice. This move has a great amount of versatility and will work with any partner in the lane, due to being an offensive and supporting move.

During the early game, Mew’s partner in the lane is usually a defender. Players should make sure to communicate to partner in the lane, what plays to make. By level five, Mew gets the ability and the power to reset a move, players need to feel free to use this, if an ability needs to be switched to counter an opponent or if there is a character on Mew’s team, it has good synergy with a specific move choice.

Late Game

Pokémon Unite Mew Guide late game
Image via The Pokémon Company

By the late game, Mew should have a level lead from making aggressive early-game plays. Players should try to use this level led to carry the rest of the team ahead. Like with all other characters, securing Rayquaza with the team is a necessity. Once Rayquaza spawns, Mew should try to position themselves based on their ability choice. If Mew has chosen Solar Beam, players should then try to pick out enemies from a distance with a great amount of damage, if Mew’s chosen coaching, players can then make sure to stay around allies to support them. If Mew has chosen Surf, players should then try to sneak behind the enemy team and Surf them into the allied team etc. Ultimately, Mew and his late game objective positioning depends on the move choices, so positioning should come intuitively.

Positioning of Mew

mew positioning
Image via The Pokémon Company

Because Mew is an attacker, Mew is primarily played in the bottom lane with a supporting Pokémon. However, Mew is the most versatile Pokémon in the game and can be played anywhere, depending on Mew’s choice of moveset. Because Mew has primarily long-ranged abilities, players should make sure to position behind allies with higher health, because Mew needs to be able to deal lots of damage, while receiving little in return. Mew is a quite teamfight-oriented character, so players should make sure to stay around allies when possible.

Mew with other Pokémon

Best synergies with Mew

Our Pokémon Unite Mew guide also focuses on the relation between Mew and other Pokémon.

Pokémon Benefits
Blissey Blissey is one of the strongest characters to pair with Mew. This is because Blisseys’ abilities provide instant healing or crowd control immunity to get out of unwinnable fights, movement speed to kite around enemies easily and crowd control to disrupt opponent plays and give Mew a greater chance to land abilities. All these buffs that Blissey provides, on top of Blissey being an all-around great character make Mew a great pick along with this character.
Trevenant Trevenant offers a great amount of crowd control and slowing effects that synergise with Mew’s ability-based kit. Trevenant also has a great number of defense and healing which allows Trevenant to defend Mew for a great amount of time.
Wigglytuff Wigglytuff goes well with Mew thanks to their high defenses and great crowd control abilities. Wigglytuff’s Unite move Starlight Recital goes especially well with Mew as the large shield given allows Mew to make aggressive plays and used buffed abilities while losing very little health in return. Wigglytuff’s ability “Sing” also puts enemies to sleep, ensuring that Mew’s abilities which are hard to land, are now guaranteed to hit opponents.
Snorlax Snorlax offers a large amount of crowd control through the use of abilities such as “Heavy Slam” and “Block”, both abilities can make the opposing Pokémon unable to move or displace them. This Pokémon’s abilities are useful, as it gives Mew a chance to escape or deal damage through burst abilities.

Pokémon which are strong and weak against Mew

Strong against Weak against
Hoopa Gardevoir
Charizard Mew
Sylveon Alolan Ninetales
Greninja Azumarill
Tsareena Mamoswine

Pokémon Unite Mew Guide: Tips and tricks

This guide will also discuss some tips and tricks for playing Mew in Pokémon Unite.

mew tips tricks
Image via The Pokémon Company
  1. Mew can easily hit enemies from afar due to having a great amount of of mobility and range. Because of this, players must be sure to try and take advantage of this and poke the enemy team for as much damage as possible.
  2. Mew’s current best build is using Solar Beam and Light Barrier. Light Barrier has the effect to amplify Mew’s abilities that travel through it. This has a great amount of synergy with Solar Beam, because Mew is able to easily Light Barrier then hit the opposing team using an amplified Solar Beam. An ideal build to suit this moveset would be using as many special attack items as possible, such as Choice Specs, Wise Glasses, and Shell Bell.
  3. Mew’s abilities can be switched during the middle of a fight. This leads to some complicated but powerful combos such as using Surf and agility to push the opposing Pokémon into Mew’s team then using abilities like Electro Ball and Light Barrier to deal a great amount of damage and finish them off.
  4. Mew can use Eject Button or X-Speed to pull off some powerful combos. When playing Mew, practice using Eject Button/ X-Speed to quickly get behind opponents then use Surf through the opponent into allies, allowing them to defeat the opposing Pokémon.
  5. Surf can be used in a similar way to Snorlax’s Block. These abilities can be used defensively to throw the opponent away and protect Mew or to throw opponents’ towards Mew and force them to fight. These abilities can also be used to throw opponents out of their goal zone, reducing their shielding and regeneration while outside the goal zone.
  6. When fighting a Mew, the easiest way to outplay them is to close the gap between the Pokémon and Mew as quickly as possible.  Mew has a really low base health amount and doesn’t have a great number of escape options one caught. This is why Pokémon like Zeraora and Greninja are good picks, as they can quickly close the gap between themselves and Mew.
  7. Save the Unite Move for Rayquaza. This is an easily overlooked aspect of the game, that can change the entire outcome of the game, by saving the Unite Move for Rayquaza, it ensures that they can secure the objective and win the game.
  8. One must make sure to check the map before Rayquaza spawns. Players must make sure to look around in the bushes surrounding Rayquaza to ensure there are no sneaky enemies waiting to steal it.

Final Thoughts

Mew is one of the most interesting Pokémon ever released in Unite, its unique kit allows for a great amount of experimentation and options which makes this Pokémon an extremely fun and intriguing character to play. Its great amount of versatility means that Mew is always a great pick both in professional and solo play, as it can synergise really well with every Pokémon in the game! Because Mew can be claimed for free, there is a great chance that almost every team will have a Mew due to it’s varied abilities. We look forward to seeing how this Pokémon shapes the metagame for the future. If a Pokémon with a huge amount of versatility, experimentation and creative thinking sounds good, then this may be an ideal Pokémon to obtain!

What are your thoughts on our guide featuring Mew in Pokémon Unite? Let us know in the comment section below!

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