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Best Moveset and Counters for Beldum

Beldum is a dual-type Tier 1 Raid Boss Pokémon that’s lengthy in form and has robot-like options together with three claw-like appendages behind its again. It has just one eye which is on a Sphere that’s additional connected to the remainder of its physique. Beldum is extremely weak and one of many best Pokémon to defeat in battle raids. So on this Pokémon Go information, we’re going to discuss one of the best methods and counters wherein gamers can end the combat towards Beldum as rapidly and simply as attainable. 

Beldum in Pokémon Go 

Beldum is a dual-type Metal and Psychic Pokémon with a max CP of solely 1104. Its twin nature makes it weak to a number of several types of counters reminiscent of Darkish, Fireplace, Ghost, and Floor assaults. It might evolve into a robust Pokémon named Metagross however in its present type, it’s not a problem in any respect, and even gamers who aren’t very skilled but also can defeat it simply.

Beldum Movesets 

Picture by way of Niantic

The very best strikes from Beldum’s moveset embody Take Down and Battle and each of them have a mixed DPS of twenty-two.6. It’s the greatest mixture that can be utilized in Pokémon Gyms and PvP battles. These are one of the best strikes as a result of it doesn’t even have any extra assaults in its moveset so the gamers can now hopefully perceive how weak this Pokémon is.

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Greatest counters towards Beldum in Pokémon Go 

Right here is the listing of one of the best counters that one can use towards Beldum and assure themselves a win.

  • Charizard (Mega Y): Ember/Blast Burn 
  • Gengar (Mega): Lick/Shadow Ball
  • Absol (Mega): Snarl/Payback 
  • Charizard (Mega X): Fireplace Spin/Blast Burn 
  • Houndoom (Mega): Fireplace Fang/Foul Play 
  • Darkrai: Snarl/Darkish Pulse 
  • Gyarados (Mega): Chunk/Crunch 
  • Manectric (Mega): Snarl/Overheat 
  • Chandelure: Incinerate/Shadow Ball 
  • Gengar: Hex/Shadow Ball 
  • Darmanitan (Normal): Fireplace Fang/Overheat 
  • Darmanitan: Fireplace Fang/Overheat 
  • Pyroar (Feminine): Fireplace Fang/Overheat 
  • Hoope (Confined): Astonish/Shadow Ball 
  • Hoopa (Unbound): Astonish/Shadow Ball 
  • Blaziken: Fireplace Spin/Overheat 
  • Entei: Fireplace Fang/Overheat 
  • Reshiram: Fireplace Fang/Overheat 
  • Pyroar: Fireplace Fang/Overheat 
  • Charizard: Fireplace Spin/Overheat 
  • Flareon: Fireplace Spin/Overheat 
  • Moltres: Fireplace Spin/Overheat 
  • Landorus (Therian): Mud Shot/Earthquake 
  • Hydreigon: Chunk/Brutal Swing
  • Arcanine: Fireplace Fang/Fireplace Blast 
  • Salamence: Fireplace Fang/Fireplace Blast 
  • Rhyperior: Mud-Slap/Earthquake 
  • Excadrill: Mud-Slap/Earthquake 
  • Krookodile: Mud-Slap/Earthquake 
  • Beedrill (Mega): Bug Chunk/Drill Run 
  • Typhlosion: Incinerate/Overheat 
  • Magmortar: Fireplace Spin/Fireplace Blast 
  • Heatran: Fireplace Spin/Fireplace Blast 
  • Blastoise (Mega): Chunk/Hydro Cannon 
  • Landorus (Incarnate): Mud Shot/Earth Energy 
Pokémon Go Beldum counters
Picture by way of Niantic

By now it should be fairly evident to all of the gamers who’re studying this information that Beldum is among the best Pokémon to defeat in Pokémon Go and even essentially the most fundamental staff with simply the appropriate sort of counters might be sufficient to combat. Gamers can use any of the Pokémon talked about above and guarantee their victory.

What are your ideas about our information on Beldum counters in Pokémon Go? Tell us within the feedback beneath!

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