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Best Moveset and Counters for Girafarig 

Girafarig is a dual-type Pokémon and because the title suggests, it has bodily similarities to a giraffe. Its entrance half is yellow in colour with brown spots in between and its backside is brown with yellow spots. It additionally has white horns together with pink spikes on its again. However essentially the most distinctive factor in regards to the Pokémon is that its tail has its personal head together with a thoughts of its personal. It’s fairly simple for seasoned gamers to defeat this Pokémon however new ones may want some assist. So on this Pokémon Go information, we’re going to speak about the perfect methods and counters to defeat Girafarig in battle raids simply.

Girafarig in Pokémon Go 

Girafarig is twin sort Regular and Psychic Pokémon which implies it’s weak in the direction of Bug and Darkish sort counters. It has a max CP of 2314 which implies it gained’t be that tough to battle in opposition to however it should nonetheless be an honest opponent. The several types of counters out there for it make it extra weak and simpler to defeat.

Girafarig Movesets

Picture by way of Niantic

The very best movesets for Girafarig are Confusion and Psychic. Each of them have a mixed DPS of 53.6 and it’s the finest mixture that can be utilized in Pokémon Gyms and PvP battles. Different respectable assaults in its moveset embody Sort out, Mirror Coat, and Thunderbolt

Finest counters in opposition to Girafarig in Pokémon Go

Right here is the checklist of the perfect counters that one can use in opposition to Girafarig and assure themselves a win 

  • Houndoom (Mega): Snarl/Foul Play 
  • Absol(Mega): Snarl/Payback 
  • Gyarados (Mega): Chew/Crunch 
  • Scizor(Mega): Fury Cutter/X-Scissor 
  • Beedrill(Mega): Bug Chew/X-Scissor 
  • Hydreigon: Chew/Brutal Swing
  • Darkrai: Snarl/Darkish Pulse 
  • Charizard(Mega Y): Wing Assault/Blast Burn 
  • Gengar(Mega): Suckered Punch/Sludge Bomb 
  • Pheromosa: Bug Chew/Bug Buzz 
  • Latios(Mega): Dragon Breath/Dragon Claw 
  • Balstoise(Mega): Chew/Hydro Cannon 
  • Manectric (Mega): Snarl/Wild Cost 
  • Yveltal: Snarl/Darkish Pulse 
  • Weavile: Snarl/Foul Play 
  • Latias(Mega): Dragon Breath/Outrage 
  • Charizard(Mega Y): Fireplace Spin/Blast Burn 
  • Tyranitar: Chew/Crunch 
  • Zarude: Chew/Darkish Pulse 
  • Pidegot(Mega): Wing Assault/Courageous Hen 
  • Venusaur(Mega): Vine Whip/Frenzy Plant 
  • Honchkrow: Snarl/Darkish Pulse 
  • Houndoom: Snarl/Foul Play 
  • Aerodactyl (Mega): Chew/Rock Slide 
  • Absol: Snarl/Payback 
  • Hoopa(Unbound): Astonish/Darkish Pulse 
  • Bisharp: Snarl/Darkish Pulse 
  • Lopunny(Mega): Pound/Hyper Beam 
  • Ampharos(Mega): Volt Swap/Dragon Pulse 
  • Yanmega: Bug Chew/Bug Buzz 
  • Vikavolt: Bug Chew/X-Scissor 
  • Escavslier: Bug Chew/Megahorn 
  • Genesect(Regular): Fury Cutter/X-Scissor 
  • Genesect(Douse): Fury Cutter/X-Scissor 
  • Deoxys (Assault): Poison Jab/Darkish Pulse 
Pokémon Go Girafarig moveset
Picture by way of Niantic

Gamers ought to keep away from utilizing Combating and Poison sort Pokémons in opposition to Girafarig as it’s sturdy in the direction of them. Excessive-level gamers can defeat this Pokémon by themselves however regular gamers can go in opposition to it in groups of two or 3 and simply defeat it too. Some good Pokémons to incorporate in a single’s crew are Ampharos, Aerodactyl and Pheromosa amongst many extra.

What are your ideas about our information on Girafarig counters in Pokémon Go? Tell us within the feedback beneath!

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