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Best Moveset and Counters for Mega Swampert

Mega Swampert is a Mega Raid Boss and turns into bulkier than its regular type when it reaches its Mega evolution type. Its physique and arms grow to be extra muscular and its legs keep small in comparison with its higher physique. It has two orange paddings on every of its wrists together with one other patch on its shoulder. Its paddings and gills additionally grow to be darker in shade. It’s a fairly robust opponent and gamers might want to go in teams of two to 4 trainers to defeat it. On this Pokémon Go information, we’re going to speak about one of the best methods and counters to defeat Mega Swampert and end the raid with as a lot ease as doable.

Mega Swampert in Pokémon Go 

Mega Swampert is a dual-type Water and Floor-type Pokémon with a max CP of 7529 and is weak in the direction of solely Grass-type counters however has a 2x weak spot to it to have a much bigger affect because it’s only one assault sort. Due to the restricted variety of decisions to carry forth within the battle towards it, it is perhaps tough for brand spanking new gamers to combat towards it as they may not have the proper counter or in the event that they do have it, its stage isn’t adequate to combat towards Mega Swampert. 

Mega Swampert Movesets 

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The very best strikes from the moveset of Mega Swampert are Mud Shot and Hydro Cannon. Each of them have a mixed DPS of 66.8 and are additionally one of the best mixture of strikes that can be utilized in Pokémon Gyms and PvP battles. Different first rate assaults from its moveset embrace Surf, Water Gun, and Earthquake amongst others.

Greatest counters towards Mega Swampert in Pokémon Go 

Right here is the checklist of one of the best counters that one can use towards Mega Swampert and assure a win for themselves.

  • Kartana: Razor Leaf/Leaf Blade 
  • Zarude: Vine Whip/Energy Whip 
  • Tapu Bulu: Bullet Seed/Grass Knot 
  • Tangrowth: Vine Whip/Energy Whip 
  • Venusaur: Vine Whip/Frenzy Plant 
  • Torterra: Razor Leaf/Frenzy Plant 
  • Leafeon: Razor Leaf/Leaf Blade 
  • Roserade: Razor Leaf/Grass Knot 
  • Celebi: Magical Leaf/Leaf Storm 
  • Exeggutor (Alola): Bullet Seed/Photo voltaic Beam 
  • Exeggutor: Bullet Seed/Photo voltaic Beam 
  • Chesnaught: Vine Whip/Photo voltaic Beam 
  • Meganium: Vine Whip/Frenzy Plant 
  • Decidueye: Razor Leaf/Power Ball 
  • Serperior: Vine Whip/Frenzy Plant 
  • Xurkitree: Thunder Shock/Energy Whip 
  • Sceptile: Bullet Seed/Frenzy Plant 
  • Groudon: Mud Shot/Photo voltaic Beam
  • Leavanny: Razor Leaf/Leaf Blade 
  • Gourgeist(Tremendous): Razor Leaf/Seed Bomb
  • Solgaleo: Zen Headbutt/Photo voltaic Beam 
  • Gallade: Low Kick/Leaf Blade 
  • Gourgeist(Massive): Razor Leaf/Seed Bomb
  • Latios: Dragon Breath/Photo voltaic Beam 
  • Porygon-Z: Lock-On/Photo voltaic Beam 
  • Tornadus: Chew/Grass Knot 
  • Virizion: Double Kick/Leaf Blade 
  • Vileplume: Razor Leaf/Photo voltaic Beam 
  • Bellossom: Razor Leaf/Leaf Blade 
  • Gourgeist (Common): Razor Leaf/Seed Bomb
  • Ludicolo: Razor Leaf/Leaf Storm
  • Chandelure: Hex/Power Ball 
  • Tornadus (Incarnate): Air Slash/Grass Knot 
  • Breloom: Bullet Seed/Grass Knot 
  • Lurantis: Razor Leaf/Leaf Blade 
Pokémon Go Mega Swampert
Picture through Niantic

Heavy harm dealing Pokémon like Chandelure, Kartana, and Zarude are adequate choices for seasoned gamers and new gamers alike as there may be not a lot selection to select from for this specific Pokémon. So gamers ought to attempt to embrace their highest stage Pokémon of their crew and attempt to dish out the proper counters towards Mega Swampert.

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