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Best Movesets and Counters for Nihilego

Nihiego is a Rock and Poison kind Extremely Beast Tier 5 Raid Boss and is susceptible to Floor, Metal, Water, and Psychic strikes. Nihilego has a most raid boss CP of 48,499. Nihilego is boosted by Partly Cloudy and Cloudy climate. The Pokémon is 4 instances weak to Floor strikes and Trainers ought to use these Pokémon that are greatest in dealing floor assaults. On this Pokémon Go information, we’ll take a look over the perfect movesets and counters for defeating Nihilego.

Nihilego in Pokémon Go

Nihilego’s strongest strikes embrace Poison Jab and Sludge Bomb that are the perfect moveset mixture that has the very best whole DPS and is the perfect moveset for PvP battles. The Pokémon was initially discovered within the Alola area and has 249 assault factors, 210 protection factors, and 240 stamina factors. There are presently no evolutions for Nihilego. The CP ranges of Nihilego are 2167 to 2256 at degree 20 and 2709 to 2829 at degree 25 with Partly Cloudy and Cloudy climate increase.

Nihilego Movesets

Picture by way of Niantic

Nihilego’s fast strikes embrace Pound, Acid, and Poison Jab whereas the principle strikes embrace Rock Slide, Energy Gem, Sludge Bomb, and Gunk Shot. There’s a very low likelihood that gamers can get a shiny Nihilego in Pokémon Go.

Finest counters towards Nihilego in Pokémon Go

Under is the checklist of greatest counters for Nihilego in Pokémon Go

  • Alakazam (Mega): Psycho Lower/Psychic
  • Excadrill: Mud-Slap/Earthquake
  • Latios (Mega): Zen Headbutt/Psychic
  • Landorus (Therian): Mud-Shot/Earthquake
  • Garchomp: Mud Shot/Earthpower
  • Rhyperior: Mud-Slap/Earthquake
  • Groudon: Mud-Shot/Earthquake
  • Landorus: Mud Shot/Earth Energy
  • Landorus (Incarnate): Mud Shot/Earth Energy
  • Blastoise (Mega): Water Gun/Hydro Cannon
  • Latias (Mega): Zen Headbutt/Psychic
  • Rhydon: Mud-Slap/Earthquake
  • Gyarados (Mega): Waterfall/Hydro Pump
  • Golurk: Mud-Slap/Earth Energy
  • Steelix (Mega): Thunder Fang/Earthquake
  • Krookodile: Mud-Slap/Earthquake
  • Kangaskhan (Mega): Mud-Slap/Earthquake
  • Mamoswine: Mud-Slap/Bulldoze
  • Aerodactyl (Mega): Metal Wing/Earth Energy
  • Donphan: Mud-Slap/Earthquake
  • Golem: Mud-Slap/Earthquake
  • Mewtwo: Confusion/Psystrike
  • Aggron (Mega): Iron Tail/Heavy Slam
  • Beedrill (Mega): Infestation/Drill Run
  • Gengar (Mega): Lick/Psychic
  • Scizor (Mega): Bullet Punch/Iron Head
  • Swampert: Mud Shot/Earthquake
  • Flygon: Mud Shot/Earth Energy
  • Slowbro (Mega): Confusion/Psychic
  • Hoopa (Unbound): Confusion/Psychic
  • Metagross: Bullet Punch/Earthquake
  • Dugtrio (Alola): Mud-Slap/Earthquake
  • Seismitoad: Mud Shot/Earth Energy
  • Terrakion: Double Kick/Earthquake
  • Hippowdon: Thunder Fang/Earth Energy
Pokémon Go Nihilego counters
Picture by way of Niantic

Bear in mind to make use of these strikes successfully when confronted with Nihilego in Pokémon Go. Stay further cautious for Nihilego’s two greatest strikes, Poison Jab and Sludge Bomb.

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