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Best Team Compositions for Alhaitham and Tips

“Admonishing Instruction” Alhaitham is an event-exclusive 5-star character launched within the first half of Genshin Affect Model 3.4. He was probably the most anticipated Dendro characters and he’s the premier Dendro DPS within the Genshin Affect roster. He has a really sophisticated and rewarding playstyle that makes him the very best in his discipline. Alhaitham is nice at triggering/enabling virtually each Dendro response, and this Genshin Affect information will focus on the best way to create and play with the very best crew compositions of Alhaitham.

Greatest Crew Compositions for Alhaitham in Genshin Affect


Character Alhaitham Raiden Shogun/Kuki Shinobu Nahida/Yaoyao/Dendro Traveller Zhongli/Beidou
Motive Dendro principal DPS Electro software (each)/Therapeutic (Shinobu) Dendro battery (all)/Therapeutic (Yaoyao) Protect (each)/Dendro resistance shred (Zhongli)/Extra Electro software and private DMG (Beidou)

Unfold is the response, which includes Electro + Dendro + Dendro. Electro must be utilized to the goal first. In Unfold groups, Alhaitham takes the sector for the longest time. Different characters’ expertise and bursts must be used earlier than switching to Alhaitham. Alhaitham ought to begin by utilizing burst, assault for 3s, use ability or charged assault, assault for 3s, use charged assault or ability, assault for 3s. Then the entire thing might be repeated, offered that his burst is again on time.

Raiden Shogun and Kuki Shinobu are each wonderful at making use of Electro whereas off-field. If Beidou is used on this crew she will even deliver her personal private DMG to the desk in addition to the Electro software. Please be aware, this crew doesn’t require a couple of healer, so gamers ought to maintain that in thoughts whereas constructing the crew.

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Fischl is a tremendous teammate for Worsen groups due to her A4 passive, which offers with an extra occasion of DMG when Electro reactions happen. Nevertheless, this passive doesn’t work for Unfold as a result of it isn’t thought-about as an Electro response, since Dendro is the ingredient that triggers it. Subsequently Fischl shouldn’t be included within the checklist of potential off-field Electro appliers.


Character Alhaitham Xinqiu/Yelan Nahida/Yaoyao/Dendro Traveller Non-Electro/Pyro 
Motive Dendro principal DPS Hydro software Dendro battery (all)/Therapeutic (Yaoyao) Any character that doesn’t intrude with the Bloom response

Bloom is the response of Dendro + Hydro. Since Alhaitham can be triggering Bloom on-field, an off-field Hydro applicator like Xinqiu and Yelan can be appreciated. The ultimate slot might be anybody besides any Electro/Pyro character as a result of they might set off Hyperbloom and Burgeon respectively. 

For instance, Zhongli for his protect and Dendro resistance shred, Albedo for off-field Geo DMG and Sucrose/Kazuha/Venti for grouping. Sucrose might additionally present an EM buff to your complete crew. 

Nilou Bloom

Character Alhaitham Nilou Nahida/Yaoyao/Dendro Traveller Kokomi/Barbara/Xinqiu/Yelan
Motive Bloom set off Bountiful Core era Dendro software (all)/Battery (all)/Therapeutic (Yaoyao) Hydro software (all)/Therapeutic (Kokomi, Barbara)

Nilou and his Bloom groups are restricted to Hydro and Dendro characters solely. Alhaitham can be the right Bloom set off for this crew. Gamers can be aware that this crew can not operate and not using a healer, so both Yaoyao or Kokomi/Barbara must be on this crew. 


Character Alhaitham Xinqiu/Yelan Nahida/Yaoyao/Dendro Traveller Raiden Shogun/Kuki Shinobu
Motive Dendro software Hydro software Dendro battery (all)/Therapeutic (Yaoyao) Hyperbloom set off

Hyperbloom is the response Dendro + Hydro + Electro and it is without doubt one of the strongest reactions in Genshin Affect in the intervening time. The Electro character is the one triggering Hyperbloom, so this character must be degree 90 and must be constructed with EM. A healer shouldn’t be required however Yaoyao’s off-field ability might assist with Alhaitham’s burst uptime. Nahida can be a greater possibility for the second Dendro character however she shouldn’t be required. Alhaitham doesn’t require Nahida to operate, however she helps him attain the next DMG ceiling.

Genshin Impact Nahida guide
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Character Alhaitham Xinqiu/Yelan Nahida/Yaoyao/Dendro Traveller Thoma
Motive Dendro software Hydro software Dendro battery (all)/Therapeutic (Yaoyao) Burgeon set off

Burgeon is the response Dendro + Hydro + Pyro. This response shouldn’t be essentially the very best however it’s purposeful. The perfect Pyro character to behave as a set off for Burgeon is Thoma.  

Whereas Alhaitham has a slightly sophisticated set of expertise, he’s a personality that rewards ability expression from the participant. He’s the very best Dendro DPS in Genshin Affect and solely the second-best Dendro character behind the Dendro Archon Nahida herself. He has discovered a spot in groups exploiting each kind of Dendro response and he excels in any respect of them. His groups are additionally slightly free-to-play-friendly since he doesn’t require 5* teammates to achieve his peak potential. 

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