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Best Team Compositions for Arataki Itto and Tips

“Hanamizaka Heroics” Arataki Itto was first launched again in Genshin Impression model 2.3. He was the primary 5* Geo DPS and stays so to today. He’s a fairly distinctive character since he doesn’t depend on any type of response to do DMG, opting to make use of brute pressure as a substitute. Arataki Itto is the primary correct DPS from the Geo factor, which all the time performed an inert supportive position. His hottest and optimum group is the Mono Geo group, however he may be utilized in different groups. On this information, we’ll talk about the perfect group compositions for Arataki Itto in Genshin Impression.

Greatest Staff Compositions of Arataki Itto in Genshin Impression

1. Mono Geo

Mono Geo is Itto’s finest group. Itto primarily scales off DEF, and Gorou gives a DEF buff to all occasion members. Having a 3rd Geo character allows Gorou to buff Geo DMG as effectively. Albedo gives off-field AOE Geo DMG, which advantages from Gorou’s DEF buff and Geo DMG bonus.

Arataki Itto (Picture by way of HoYoverse)

Zhongli gives Geo resistance shred. Being protected by Zhongli’s defend allows the group to profit from the Geo Resonance, which additionally gives Geo resistance shred and a common DMG bonus. With Zhongli’s defend, it is rather tough to take DMG, regardless, C4 Gorou is able to offering therapeutic. All of those components mixed to make this the perfect group for Itto.

Completely different variations of the perfect Mono Geo group additionally operate as one in every of his finest groups, however none of them carry out as nice. Utilizing Ningguang as a substitute of Albedo will lose out on the extra cases of off-field AOE Geo DMG, however the character passing via the Jade Display screen will acquire a Geo DMG bonus. Ningguang additionally serves as a quick-swap burst DPS. Equipping her with a Prototype Amber will even allow her to supply some therapeutic. 

Itto Gorou Ningguang Zhongli
Principal DPS DEF buff/healer Geo DMG buff/burst DPS Defend/Geo DMG buff

Utilizing Ningguang as a substitute of Zhongli will lose out on the basic resistance shred from Zhongli. Nevertheless, selecting up Crystalize shards will nonetheless grant the Geo resistance shred and the final DMG bonus from the Geo Resonance. Albedo nonetheless gives a reasonably first rate quantity of off-field AOE Geo DMG. Ningguang serves the identical objective as mentioned above.  

Itto Gorou Albedo Ningguang
Principal DPS DEF buff/healer Off-field sub-DPS Geo DMG buff/burst DPS

This can be a fairly free-to-play-oriented group. Everybody has a C6 Geo Traveller. Geo Traveller gives a crit charge buff at C1 and restores vitality at C4. Each of these massively assist out Itto as the principle hyper carry.

Itto Gorou Ningguang Geo Traveller
Principal DPS DEF buff/healer Geo DMG buff/burst DPS Crit charge buff/vitality restoration

2. Different Groups

Itto shouldn’t be locked to Mono Geo group comps. He can nonetheless be used along with characters from different parts. Ideally, to keep up all the buffs from Gorou it’s advisable to have a 3rd Geo character. 

Utilizing Bennett in an Itto group shouldn’t be a nasty thought. Whereas Itto advantages from having a whole lot of DEF, his DMG doesn’t scale off DEF. His DMG scales off ATK. He converts DEF to ATK throughout burst mode, which allows him to do nice DMG.

Genshin Impact Itto
Picture by way of HoYoverse

Bennett primarily buffs ATK, and since Itto’s DMG finally scales off ATK, he’ll profit from this buff. Bennett’s therapeutic can also be among the finest, so the shortage of a shielder is not going to be felt that a lot.

Itto Gorou Bennett Geo Traveller
Principal DPS DEF buff/healer ATK buff/healer Crit charge buff/vitality restoration
Itto Gorou Bennett Ningguang
Principal DPS DEF buff/healer ATK buff/healer/Pyro battery Geo DMG buff/burst DPS

This can be a fairly unlikely group comp. Right here Bennett additionally acts as a battery to Xiangling, who acts as an off-field sub-DPS whereas Itto remains to be the on-field hyper carry. This group advantages from the ATK-boosting Pyro resonance too, whereas dropping out on Gorou’s Geo DMG buff.

Itto Gorou Bennett Xiangling
Principal DPS DEF buff/healer ATK buff/healer/Pyro battery sub-DPS

One other free-to-play-oriented group. This one incorporates a healer slot for dealing with off corrosion flooring within the Spiral Abyss.

Itto Gorou Barbara/Kuki/Kokomi Ningguang
Principal DPS DEF buff/healer Healer Geo DMG buff/burst DPS

Closing Ideas

Arataki Itto shouldn’t be essentially the most advanced character to play, and his simplicity is his biggest power. Gamers don’t have to memorize difficult rotations to get essentially the most out of them. It’s fairly simple to construct him in addition to play him. Being a one-of-a-kind Geo DPS means there is no such thing as a one else competing for a similar spot as him. He’s very enjoyable to play and gamers will take pleasure in taking part in him within the group comps urged above.

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