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Check Out Bolton’s Weather Averages Before You Go

The winters in Bolton are lengthy, very chilly, moist, windy, and normally cloudy, whereas the summers are cool and partly cloudy. The annual common temperature is round 36 levels and infrequently drops beneath 27 levels or rises over 76 levels.

Based on the vacationer rating, most warm-weather actions in Bolton happen from late June by August. Under we’ve talked about a few of Bolton’s common climate particulars to know earlier than you go to:

  1. Bolton Typical Temperature

From June 3 to September 11, when common every day highs are above 62°F, The Bolton climate expertise a heat season. In Bolton, July is the most popular month, with highs of 66 levels and lows of 55. For a full 4 months, from November 19 to March 17, the common excessive temperature is beneath 48 levels Fahrenheit; that is the cool season. The typical excessive for January is 44 levels Fahrenheit, whereas the common low is 36 levels.

  1. Clouds

The typical fraction of the sky lined by clouds in Bolton varies considerably all year long because of the altering seasons. From about April 24 till about October 3, Bolton enjoys 5.3 months of comparatively clear skies.

In Bolton, the share of days with clear, largely clear, or partly overcast skies is highest (53%) in July. From October 3 by April 24 (about 6.7 months), the sky is extra more likely to be overcast than clear. Throughout December, the ambiance in Bolton is overcast or largely cloudy 71% of the time, making it the cloudiest month of the 12 months.

  1. Precipitation

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Days with not less than 0.04 inches of liquid or liquid-equivalent precipitation are thought of moist. Bolton sees a variety of precipitation chances all year long. There’s a higher than 35% chance of rain on any given day through the wetter season, which lasts for 4.4 months from September 21 to February 4. It rains not less than 0.04 inches on 12.3 days on common in Bolton throughout November. The dry season lasts for round seven and a half months, from February 4 to September 21. April, with a mean of 8.6 days with not less than 0.04 inches of precipitation, is the month with the fewest moist days in Bolton.

  1. Rainfall

The precipitation amassed over a sliding 31-day interval centered on every day of the 12 months is displayed to focus on seasonal variance inside the months as an alternative of the month-to-month totals. The typical month-to-month precipitation in Bolton varies considerably with the seasons. It rains slightly persistently in Bolton all year long. With a mean of two.9 inches, November is Bolton’s wettest month. So far as rainfall is worried, April is the driest month in Bolton, with a mean of just one.6 inches.

  1. Solar

In Bolton, the size of the day adjustments considerably from season to season. The shortest day of the 12 months is on December 21, with 7 hours and 27 minutes of daylight, whereas the longest day shall be on June 21, with 17 hours and three minutes of daylight.

  1. Humidity

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As a result of it’s the dew level that impacts whether or not or not sweat evaporates from the pores and skin, cooling the physique is the figuring out issue within the humidity consolation degree. When the dew level is low, it feels dry, and when it’s excessive, it feels muggy. Nonetheless, whereas the temperature might lower at evening, a damp day is normally adopted by a muggy evening as a result of the dew level tends to alter extra slowly than the temperature does.

  1. Wind

A dialogue of the hourly common wind vector (velocity and path) at 10 meters above the bottom is offered right here. Instantaneous wind velocity and path change greater than hourly averages as a result of they rely upon topography and different native components.

All year long, there are noticeable shifts in Bolton’s common hourly wind velocity. From October 13 to March 31, when common wind speeds exceed 11.8 mph, the windier part of the 12 months lasts for five.6 months. January is Bolton’s windiest month, with a mean hourly wind velocity of 13.8 miles per hour. This extra tranquil time of 12 months begins on March 31 and continues for an additional 6.4 months till October 13. July has Bolton’s lowest common hourly wind velocity of the 12 months, with about 10.0 miles per hour.

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  1. Water Temperature

Bolton is located subsequent to a large waterway (e.g., ocean, sea, or giant lake). What follows is a report on that water’s regional common floor temperature. Because the season change, so does the common water temperature.

Hotter water is accessible for 3 months, from June 25 to September 30, with a mean temperature above 58 levels Fahrenheit. In Bolton, the common water temperature is 62 levels Fahrenheit in August. From December 27 to April 11, the water is cooler than common, with a temperature beneath 46 levels Fahrenheit for nearly three and a half months. At a mean of 42 levels Fahrenheit, the water in Bolton is at its coolest in February.

Closing Thought

The tourism rating prefers clear, rain-free days with perceived temperatures between 65 and 80. By this metric, the best time to take pleasure in Bolton’s many outside sights is between the final week of June and the primary week of August, with the third week of July being the very best general. Circumstances splendid for having fun with the seaside or pool embrace no likelihood of precipitation and temperatures between 75-90 levels Fahrenheit. A excessive rating within the third week of July signifies that now’s the very best time to go to Bolton for warm-weather pursuits.

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