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Complete Glossary of the in-game terms

In Conflict of Clans, there are a variety of abbreviations/slangs used within the recreation as you might have seen, and gamers don’t come throughout a glossary for all these. Confused with the lingo used? Don’t worry, this text has bought you coated. The next record offers you a mini-dictionary for all of the phrases you come throughout within the recreation! So, be sure to discover out what precisely these abbreviations/brief varieties convey by way of this Conflict of Clans Glossary!

Conflict of Clans Glossary: Contents

Try the Conflict of Clans Glossary categorized as follows:


  • CC – Clan Citadel
  • CoC – Conflict of Clans
  • CW – Clan Conflict
  • DE – Darkish Elixir
  • DPS – Harm Per Second
  • IAP – In App Purchases
  • IGN – Standing for ‘in-game identify’, that is the identify of your village
  • HP – Hit Factors, Well being
  • HS – Housing Area
  • TH  City Corridor
  • XP/Exp – Expertise


  • AC – Military Camp the place the troops stay after being educated within the barracks. Military Camp capability to carry troops will increase with each improve.
  • Brax – Barracks the place military troops are educated.
  • DB – Darkish Barracks, barracks to coach darkish elixir troops.
  • SF – Spell Manufacturing facility, constructing to make your spells for troops.
  • DSF – Darkish Spell Manufacturing facility. You may put together some darkish potions right here utilizing Darkish Elixir.

Protection buildings

  • Arch Tower/ AT – Archer Tower
  • AoE – The mortars current in your village for floor protection.
  • AD – Air protection. Protects your village in opposition to air troops.
  • Wiz Tower/ WT/ Mage/ AoE – Wizard Tower. Protects in opposition to each air in addition to floor assaults.
  • HT – Hidden Tesla. Stays hidden until opponent troops come near it. Protects each in opposition to air in addition to floor assaults.
  • X- Bow – Crossbow. Assaults each air in addition to floor troops. Could be chosen to guard solely in opposition to floor troops or each floor a effectively as air troops. When used just for floor troops, will increase the realm of impact.
  • IT – Inferno Tower. Full of darkish elixir, this protection helps successfully in opposition to each air in addition to floor items. Like X-Bow, this protection can be used for protection solely in opposition to floor or floor and air assaults each.
  • AS – Air Sweeper. Pushes again air troops. Helps decelerate enemy air troops.
  • EA – Eagle Artillery. It has a really giant vary overlaying many of the village and is activated after numerous troops have been deployed.


  • Gold – Gold cash. Produced in gold mines. Helps in upgrading protection buildings, City Corridor, Clan Citadel and partitions. Additionally required to search out match villages to assault.
  • Elix – Elixir. Produced by elixir pumps. Used to coach and improve troops, spells, partitions, darkish spell manufacturing unit, and many others.
  • DE – Darkish Elixir. Produced by darkish elixir drills. Costly useful resource. Used for coaching darkish elixir troops and upgrading Heroes.
  • Jewels/ Diamonds – Gems. Given by the sport after each couple of weeks and likewise produced by gem mine in Builder Base. Used to kill the timer for improve of all of the issues in your village. Additionally can be utilized to purchase gold, elixirs, darkish elixirs and cosmetics in-game. Will also be bought utilizing cash as in- recreation buy.
Clash of Clans Queen Walk


  • Arch – Archers. Assaults each floor in addition to air troops. They’re low cost troops and can be utilized in lots for a superb loot.
  • Gob – Goblins. Quick floor troops that may assault sources wit 2x injury than different buildings.
  • Gi – Big. Sturdy floor troops which have a excessive HP. Assaults primarily defenses.
  • WB – Wall Breaker. Floor items which on deployed break enemy partitions.
  • Loon – Balloons. Air troops that assault on protection items.
  • Wiz/Wi – Wizards. They’ve low HP however excessive injury per second. Assaults each air in addition to floor protection and military.
  • Drag – Dragon. Extraordinarily highly effective air items with excessive HP in addition to DPS(Harm per second). Assaults on sources and protection each.
  • Hog – Hog Rider. Darkish Elixir floor troops with low HP however excessive injury. Can bounce over partitions and assaults defenses primarily.
  • Valk – Valkyrie. Darkish elixir floor troops good HP and injury. Assaults each sources in addition to defenses.
  • Wi – Witch. Darkish Elixir troop that summons a military of skeleton and assaults each sources and protection. Additionally assault floor in addition to air CC troops.
  • Hound – Lava Hound. Darkish elixir air troops that are very pricey and has extraordinarily excessive HP. Assaults air defenses primarily. On being destroyed, it breaks into many tiny lava pups which have low HP however excessive injury.


  • Ls – Lightning Spell. The spell damages enemy buildings to some sq. tiles.
  • Heal – Therapeutic Spell. Used to heal your troops when broken by enemy defenses or troops.
  • Rage – Rage Spell. Creates a translucent purple ring on the battlefield that enhances the motion velocity and injury of any pleasant items contained in the ring.
  • Soar – Permits all floor Troops and Heroes to bounce over partitions.
  • Freeze – It’s used to briefly disable defenses and/or floor and air troops from the enemy Clan Citadel inside a small radius.
  • Poison – It slows down all enemy Clan Citadel Troops, Heroes, and Skeletons inside its space of impact and causes them to take injury over time.
  • EQ – It offers a share of harm to all buildings inside its space of impact, aside from Gold Storages, Elixir Storages, the Darkish Elixir Storage. 
  • Haste – Tt boosts the motion velocity of troops in its space of impact.

Technical Phrases

  • Island – A protection like an inferno tower, X-Bow or Scattershot, surrounded by two or generally three areas after which a layer of the wall in all instructions.
  • Bait (Protection) – A protection that looks as if further worth, however really proves powerful to get and requires extra funding than the protection provides again.
  • Backend – A protection or generally the Clan Citadel that may be attacked on the finish of an assault. They often show troublesome if highly effective and never accounted for since by then the attacker most likely solely has one thing like a freeze to destroy it.
  • Trash – Non-defenses which are positioned on the skin. They serve no objective apart from a distraction.
  • Core – The middle of a base. Most likely incorporates an important defenses, though bases designed to defend in opposition to mass-lightning assaults both have a number of or no core(s).
  • Farm – A gaggle of defenses closes collectively, with some traps close by. Xbow farms can do extreme injury nowhere close to hazard and Tesla farms can simply wreck most troops and heroes if partially broken from the remainder of the bottom.
  • Troll Tesla – Just for decrease THs, however a Tesla within the nook, as it’s hidden and unlikely to be triggered until 51% of the bottom has been destroyed. Beneficial utilizing just one.


  • BAM– Barbarian Archer Minion rush
  • BArch– Barbarian Archer rush, also referred to as BArch
  • WAG– Conventional Archer-Big mixture with Wall Breakers
  • GoHo– Golems and Hogs, often accompanied by Wizards
  • GoLaloon– Golems, Lava Hounds and Balloons often accompanied by Wizards
  • GoWiPE– Golem Wizard PEKKA heavy composition
  • GiWiPE– A less expensive model of GoWiPE with Golems being changed with Giants
  • GoWiWi- Golem Wizard Witch heavy composition
  • GiWiWi– A less expensive model of GoWiWi with Golems being changed with Big
  • GoVaPE– Golem Valkyrie PEKKA heavy military composition
  • GiWiVa– Giants, Wizards and Valkyrie composition
  • GiVaPe – a Big, Valkyrie, PEKKA heavy composition
  • Valkyrie Twister – A Big, Valkyrie, Healer heavy composition
  • GoWiVaWiPe – Makes use of Golems, Witches, Wizards, Valkyrie and PEKKA – composition that Unity Sharp utilized in discussion board elite.
  • ArBarWitch- Archer Barbarian Witch composition
  • GoWiVa – a Golem, Valkyrie, Witch heavy composition
  • Balloonion– Balloons and Minion mass assault, also referred to as loonion or miniball
  • GoViz– Golem, Wizard Valkyrie heavy military composition
  • DRAGWiPE– Dragons, Wizards and PEKKA heavy assault
  • Dragloonion– Dragon, Balloon and Minion air raid
  • Dragoon– Dragon Balloon military composition
  • Lavaloonion– Lava Hounds, Balloons (shorted as ‘Loons) and Minions pushing comp
  • Quatrolavaloon/Pentalavaloon– Lavaloon together with 4/5 Lava Hounds, a extra heavy arrange.
  • HoLoWiWi– Hog Riders, Balloons (shortened as ‘Loons’) , Wizard and Witch heavy military composition
  • Superqueen– a queen aided by a number of healers primarily used for farming Darkish Elixir.
  • Miniwall– a joke military composition consisting of minions and wall breakers popularized by Daddy
  • AMin– Archer Minion assault
  • GARCH– Goblin Archer farming assault / also referred to as Big Archer assault
  • BAG– Barbarian Archer Goblin assault
  • BAGi– Barbarian Archer Big assault
  • Noah’s Ark- Utilizing 2 of each troop besides Golems and Lava Hounds the place just one is used
  • Big-Healer combo– utilizing a Healer, many Giants and different troops of the gamers alternative assault. Also called GHealer.

Clan Particular

  • Elder – A member with the Elder function is the third highest title in a Clan. They’ll promote and take away members and invite different gamers to affix the clan.
  • Co – Co-leader. A member with the Co-Chief function is the second highest title in a Clan. They’ll carry out the identical actions as a Chief besides demoting different Co-Leaders, eradicating different Co-Leaders from the Clan or selling different Co-Leaders to Chief.
  • Chief – The pinnacle of the Clan. Has all of the powers to demote/ promote and even kick out any member from the clan.
  • Hopper/Jumper –  A participant who jumps from clan to clan therefore the identify.
  • Kick – banishment from the clan.


  • DPS– Harm Per Second
  • DPA– Harm Per Assault
  • HP– Hit-points, well being
  • Area– housing area of a selected troop
  • Tile– the in-game type of measuring resembling a sq. meter, used to measure the scale of buildings, vary of defensive buildings, and many others.

These are just about each brief kind in Conflict of Clans that you’d must know to turn out to be a Conflict nerd!

Did you discover this Conflict of Clans Glossary usefulTell us within the feedback beneath!

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