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Eternal Evolution Hero Tier List for September 2022

Everlasting Evolution is a newly launched technique Idle RPG that has been developed by the very own HK Hero Entertainment Co Ltd. Getting introduced to the mobile gaming world, the game took over great popularity due to its immense category and various types of heroes. Fret not, we have summarized the characters from Eternal Evolution according to their strengths in this Tier List. Hence, let us dive into the categories of the heroes present in the game and help out the players so that they can choose the best hero for their five-man squad.

Eternal Evolution Hero Tier List for September 2022

The game has five tiers for the characters. The SS-tier characters are the best ones followed by SS, S, A, B, and last but not least, C. Let us dive into the Tier List of Eternal Evolution so that players can help themselves and make the ultimate squad.

Tier Heroes
Overpowered (SS) Gyan Yu,
Bailey Hudson,
Skooer and Hatty,
Strong (S) Serena,
Good (A) Omar,
Fair (B) Kuite,
Weak (C) Bot Mark II,
Kar Maw
Eternal Evolution Character Tier List for September 2022

Eternal Evolution has classified the heroes into six different classes; Tank, Vanguard, Assassin, Support, Energy, and Hunter. Let us dive into the characteristics of the classes and know about the best heroes of the classes.

Tank Class: Guan Yu

Tanks are the heroes which come up with the best in-hand combat on the battlefield. These heroes are physically very active and can deal great damage. Guan Yu is the best Tank class hero because of his immense physical power and brutal skills which he expells over the battlefield.

Image via Hero Games

The character has powerful rage skills which help him to restore his health while using the skills. Guan Yu’s most powerful skill is the Warrior Legend Enhanced skill which thrashes the enemies into two halves.

Vanguard Class: Emma

The Vanguard is almost considered as the second frontline fighter who also possesses great defensive power and can come up with the great output of their physical strengths. The characters also use some kind of weapons to unleash their power. Emma is the best Vanguard present in the game.

Image via Hero Games

Emma has great health points and ATK powers that make her the best among all. The spear behind her becomes two curved swords that travel through the necks of the opponent, penetrating through them and making them experience defeat. The character has the best rage skill namely, Weapon Activation which just clears out the battlefield and claims victory.

Assassin Class: Prigor

The Assassins are recognized as the silent killer of the team. These characters move into the enemy team and clear them out from within. They have great ATK and DEF powers along with the power of moving in deep silence. Prigor is indeed the best Assassin considered in the world of Eternal Evolution.

Image via Hero Games

The character comes up with great ATK powers and can calmly settle herself into the enemy, clearing out the opponents entirely in a few seconds. The best rage skill used by Prigor is the Balanced Bursts which creates a wholesome of burst attacks and clears out the enemy side.

Hunter Class: Nadilus

Hunters are just like wild animals on the battlefield. These heroes believe in their physical strengths and tear the enemies apart with the help of their bare hands. They have immense ATK powers and can deal great damage as well. Nadilus is the best hunter in the world of this game.

Image via Hero Games

Nadilus manipulates the energy of the lightning and strikes directly at the opponent. The kinetic energy used through his punches produces great impact and swipes out the enemies present in his range of punch. The best attack is the Lightning Rage used by the character which comes up with immense power and impact and thus finishes the enemy line.

Support Class: Rez

The Support class heroes help the frontline heroes and provide the best backups. These heroes do not have much ATK power compared to the Tanks and Vanguards, but they have great DEF stats. Rez is the best Support class hero over the game and never disappoints to deliver the best backup required at the exact time.

Image via Hero Games

The Bio rifle used by the character exerts great shots over the opponents and kills them quickly. The rage skill of the character kills down the opponents in just three shots of the gun and helps to provide the most preferable backup.

Energy Class: Liran

The Energy class heroes act as the healer of the team. These heroes do not have much physical strength but they convert their energy within and provide that energy to their teammates in the form of energy that heals them up. Liran is the best Energy class hero in the entire game.

Image via Hero Games

The hero manipulates the energy from nature, converts it, and then provides the healing energy to his teammates so that they can fight for longer. The rage skill of the character helps him to provide healing to the entire team at a time and helps them regain their lost health which provokes the team’s overall strength.

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