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Genshin Impact fan reveals the most regretted characters in the game

The Genshin Affect group has been producing and sharing some fascinating and enjoyable ideas in on-line boards recently. A Reddit person going underneath the username u/riridouluvme just lately posted an fascinating evaluation of current 5 and 4 stars within the Genshin Affect Subreddit. They surveyed Genshin Affect gamers and requested what their most regretted characters are that they pulled into the sport. Round 824 responses had been gotten from this survey and with the outcomes, the person compiled all of the votes and produced some info-graphs.

Genshin Affect fan posted informative statistics of the Most Regretted in-game Characters

The survey has about all the present playable characters until Model 3.3, starting from 4 stars to 5 stars. When selecting the choices, every participant additionally has to reply their causes as to why they remorse pulling for these playable characters. Every playable character choice has a set variety of choices that gamers should fill in as reasoning corresponding to Gameplay, Package/Harm, Purchaser’s Regret, Impulse Pulls, Crew Synergy, and Dated and Not Specified.  


  • Gameplay: feels clunky, sluggish, boring, or uncomfortable to play.
  • Package/Harm Disappointment: NA, Elemental Ability, Burst, or Constellations don’t carry out as much as normal
  • Purchaser’s Regret: Purposefully pulled for the character however not likes them, strain from pals/YouTubers/Streamers, FOMO (worry of lacking out)
  • Impulse Pulls: Purposefully pulled on the banner however didn’t need character, constructing pity, pulling for 4 stars. 
  • Crew Synergy: The character has too few workforce choices, and desires too many 5-star teammates to work nicely.
  • Dated: Character’s package doesn’t match nicely within the present up to date content material, newer characters carry out the identical job however in a greater approach. 
  • Not Unspecified: No specified reasoning. There are different reasoning for regretting the characters that aren’t within the different choices.
Picture by way of Reddit

From the statistics proven within the picture above, you may see all of the regretted playable characters from most to least. The highest 3 most regretted characters are all 5 stars. Cyno is essentially the most regretted character as of the present 3.3 updates, having a complete of 100 votes in response. The second most regretted is Klee with 80 votes, following Tartaglia with 78 votes

Record of most Regretted Characters in Genshin Affect

1. Cyno

From the pie chart, 38% of Cyno customers have an issue with their Package/Harm. Cyno has very disappointing harm multipliers the place he underperforms a lot that Keqing, who’s a Normal 5 Star character, offers larger harm than him. To make his harm constant and excessive sufficient to face the Abyss and different Over-world bosses, Cyno’s package principally depends on Quicken’s reactions. Moreover, 20% don’t admire his Gameplay.

Genshin Impact most regretted characters
Picture by way of Reddit

If we evaluate him with Xiao, who can be one other brief pole-arm male character, Cyno has very sluggish NA assaults and an underwhelming Elemental Ability. Cyno’s Elemental Burst lasts too lengthy which makes gamers uneasy to waste his Burst by switching to a different character. Impulse Pulls and Purchaser’s Regret tie in at 10% which is justifiable seeing as how Cyno has been a much-anticipated character because the Genshin Affect Webtoon therefore many individuals have been hyping him for a very long time.

2. Klee

52.4% of Klee customers dislike her Gameplay. HoYoverse fumbled with Klee’s complete gameplay by making her a DPS character. Klee makes use of a baby mannequin and is a catalyst person and as such her, Regular and Charged Assaults are ‘clunky’ to make use of and rely an excessive amount of on using and studying shortcuts.

Her Assault animations are sluggish and as she is a catalyst, her DPS capabilities are diminished because of her uncomfortable play-style. 21.4% replied with Not Specified and 9.5% responded with Purchaser’s Regret. The Purchaser’s regret could be the response of the primary Klee customers throughout her Banner debut as she was the primary restricted occasion Pyro DPS unit again then. 

3. Tartaglia/Childe

35.9% of Tartaglia customers dislike his Gameplay. Despite the fact that Tartaglia has a singular package of switching to completely different weapon types by his Elemental Ability and having two completely different Elemental Bursts, his lengthy Elemental Ability cooldown could be very irritating to attend for. He has a 45-second of cooldown after absolutely or nearly utilizing it. Because of the lengthy cool-down, it might show to be very tough to correctly conduct workforce rotations.

Childe Xiao
Picture by way of Reddit

Round 20.5% didn’t specify their causes whereas 15.4% of customers pulled because of impulse pulling or feeling purchaser’s regret. Tartaglia is an early sport restricted 5 Star character who is likely one of the first Hydro DPS units within the sport, perhaps folks could also be inclined to drag for him because of these causes whereas others might have pulled on his re-run banners because of new restricted 4 star characters like Rosaria throughout his first re-run banner. 

4. Xiao

Xiao customers appear to dislike his gameplay as agreed by 44.4% of them. Despite the fact that his NA and Elemental Ability are good, his Elemental Burst which is his major package has a number of issues. Xiao as a personality loses HP when he prompts his Elemental Burst to realize Assault. When he makes use of Plunge Assaults, Xiao has about 0% Resistance to Interruption and in consequence, can get knocked out mid-air by any enemies.

As such he depends on Shielders. 18.5% didn’t specify their causes for regretting their pull whereas 11.1% alternatively responded with distaste concerning their Package/Harm. Xiao has many inside points concerning his Burst corresponding to not producing Vitality Particles when utilizing his Ability, reliant on healers, and having a excessive Burst Value.

5. Ganyu

Ganyu and Eula
Picture by way of Reddit

Ganyu has a drastic ratio of a whopping 81.5% of customers disliking her Gameplay. Ganyu is likely one of the most damaged DPS items within the sport, however for end-game customers dealing large quantities of harm turns into much less essential than having enjoyable with Gameplay designs. Her customers expressed that at one level her Gameplay turned very boring and redundant of getting to make use of Charged Assaults on a regular basis. 

6. Eula

There’s a tie with Dated and Not Specified being 33.3% for all Eula customers. Eula falling into the ‘Dated’ class for reasoning is sensible because the Genshin Affect content material and META have modified drastically after Eula’s banner got here out. Many enemies and executives rely an excessive amount of on particular components or elemental reactions to defeat them.

Since Eula is generally a Bodily DPS unit, she underperforms throughout these conditions in consequence. Gameplay is at 18.5% because of Eula having sluggish Regular Assault animations as a Claymore person. Her Elemental Burst has a set timer the place it offers AoE harm after it pops and therefore her Burst might get wasted if the Enemies are usually not inside the space at the moment. 

7. Arataki Itto

Genshin Impact most regretted characters
Picture by way of Reddit

Itto has a really balanced mixture of responses the place many Itto customers expressed dislike in each single class. 22.2% of customers pulled out of Impulse or felt regret after utilizing him. Itto is the very first 5 Star Geo DPS unit and as such many individuals might have pulled for him because of affect from Genshin content material creators. Moreover, Its banners nearly at all times had new restricted 4 Star characters corresponding to Gorou and Kuki Shinobu and as consequence, many gamers might have pulled for these 4 stars. 

8. Hu Tao

About 57.7% of Hu Tao customers dislike her gameplay. Hu Tao, in an analogous scenario as Xiao, loses HP to realize Assault and in addition positive aspects buff when she is under 50% of HP. In consequence, many customers don’t have the talent to maintain her continuously on low HP and keep away from harm from killing her.

Moreover, her Charged Assaults dish out essentially the most harm so sustaining her Stamina might really feel irritating to do. For the 19.2% of Purchaser’s Regret, Hu Tao has additionally been hyped about by many Genshin CC after her Banner debut so many gamers rapidly pulled in her re-run from the FOMO. 

Closing Ideas

A number of the outcomes really feel very shocking whereas others have justifiable causes. With that being stated, it’s suggested that gamers mustn’t pull for Characters simply to construct pity, get the rate-up 4 stars, or just have the urge to drag. Moreover, HoYoverse ought to take measures in presenting the Characters’ kits simply in order that gamers can absolutely decide if they need the restricted characters or not. 

What are your ideas in regards to the record of most regretted characters in Genshin Affect? Tell us within the feedback under!

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