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Genshin Impact poll reveals the most popular Male and Female characters

A Genshin Influence fan has shared a really fascinating on-line ballot that’s in regards to the rating of the preferred Male and Feminine characters that’s presently accessible in Genshin Influence. The outcomes are based mostly on a ballot that’s answered primarily by some followers within the Chinese language participant base, nevertheless it nonetheless presents an perception into which characters are extremely favored by gamers compared to others.

There are two separate Reddit posts made and posted two days in the past by a Genshin fan with the Reddit deal with of u/Yusukeisbestwaifu. The primary put up is the ballot on the recognition rating of Male characters in CN, and the second is the recognition rating of feminine characters additionally within the CN servers. 

Within the Male Character reputation ballot listed below are the rankings:

Genshin Influence Characters Votes Obtained
Kazuha  37641 votes
Zhongli 36881 votes
Wanderer  32374 votes
Diluc  23305 votes
Venti  20434 votes
Tighnari  19922 votes
Xiao  16338 votes
Ayato  14637 votes
Cyno  12429 votes
Albedo  10107 votes
Tartaglia  8542 votes
Itto  7617 votes
Bennett  6613 votes
Heizou  2661 votes
Kaeya  2268 votes
Xingqiu  1762 votes
Razor  1615 votes
Thoma  1167 votes
Chongyun  1047 votes
Gorou  939 votes

Surprisingly, the character presently main the ballot for the preferred male character presently in Genshin Influence is Kazuha. Nevertheless, it’s not so farfetched as Kazuha has virtually all of the attraction components {that a} character might have within the sport. He’s a really cool-looking character that some followers even contemplate a Husbando, particularly with their quantity two decide which is outdated man Zhongli.

What stunned ENG server followers although are how Diluc ranks 4 within the present ballot because the mentioned participant base apparently doesn’t like Diluc as a lot, particularly as though he has a cool backstory, lore presence, and design, they consider Diluc as somebody who hits enemies with feather which can be a stretch and exaggeration on how different dps heroes are presently outshining him within the harm division.

Picture by way of miHoYo

The final placers within the toll are Thoma, Chongyun, and Gorou, that are truthful sufficient contemplating how weak they’re for use and the way little they gave story-wise apart from Thoma who appeared in a superb chunk of the lore however simply wanted to be saved by the traveler towards the shogun. Surprisingly although the underside of the listing contains Razor which many different followers particularly within the ENG servers, are finest boi Razor as he’s fairly a robust 4-star character that many beloved particularly in his look within the earlier quests in Monstadt.

Subsequent up within the Feminine Character reputation ballot listed below are the rankings:

Genshin Influence Characters Votes Obtained
Nahida  38780 votes
Raiden Shogun  30399 votes
Eula  24369 votes
Klee  20577 votes
Hu Tao  20173 votes
Nilou  19995 votes
Ganyu  15296 votes
Yae Miko  15047 votes
Shenhe  13387 votes
Ayaka Kamisato 12705 votes
Yoimiya  12492 votes
Keqing  11535 votes
Candace  6328 votes
Faruzan  6061 votes
Yelan  5922 votes
Noelle  5756 votes
Kokomi  5746 votes
Layla  5656 votes
Ningguang  5542 votes
Jean  5016 votes
Barbara  4950 votes
Mona  4670 votes
Fischl  4380 votes
Lisa  3170 votes
Yun Jin  2616 votes
Collei  2567 votes
Sucrose  2238 votes
Yanfei  1685 votes
Sayu  1671 votes
Amber  1649 votes
Qiqi  1590 votes
Diona  1587 votes
Xiangling  1365 votes
Kuki Shinobu  1258 votes
Rosaria  1218 votes
Dori  884 votes
Kujou Sara  845 votes
Beidou  729 votes
Xinyan  190 votes
Aloy  142 votes

The rankings of the Feminine reputation ballot are up above with a win for the Dendro archon of Sumeru, Nahida. The second and third hottest characters are Raiden Shogun, and Eula. Nahida has been vastly well-liked and profitable since her launch within the current Sumeru replace of Genshin Influence. Whereas the opposite two are probably the most constant waifu that Genshin Influence followers are continually in search of.

Genshin Impact Nahida guide
Picture by way of HoYoverse

One enormous shock for the followers within the remark part is how low Beidou ranked within the ballot as within the ENG servers she is among the fan favorites. Aside from that almost all followers appear to agree particularly on the highest of the listing with Nahida being on the prime presently as they mentioned as a consequence of recency bias as she is probably the most not too long ago launched archon within the scene.

Last Ideas

Contemplating the ballot it’s fascinating if Hoyoverse additionally has knowledge on probably the most appreciated characters of their participant base and the way they might deal with the longer term releases of characters which might be presently below manufacturing. With this, all we are able to do as followers is wait and see how the subsequent launch of characters seems, and if somebody within the subsequent launch overtakes Kazuha as the preferred Male Genshin Character or Nahida as the preferred Feminine Genshin Character. Moreover, it will be fascinating if Hoyoverse would do an occasion targeted on these which might be the least favourite by the participant base giving them extra depth and likeability to spice up the curiosity of gamers to them.

What are your ideas in regards to the Genshin Influence ballot on the preferred Male and Feminine characters? Tell us within the feedback under!

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