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How to Beat Act 3 in Hello Neighbor

To Beat Act 3 in Whats up Neighbor, you play as a personality making an attempt to resolve puzzles and acquire objects to progress via the sport. By the point you attain Act III, you ought to be aware of the sport’s mechanics and what to anticipate as you discover new areas. Act III takes place in a lake home on the sting of Pleasant Court docket, dwelling to a taxidermist with a status for hating intruders and chasing them off with a shotgun.

This act is just like the earlier Alpha construct, which featured a Dr. Seuss/Willy Wonka-style curler coaster. As you play via Act III, you’ll encounter new challenges and puzzles to resolve.

Whats up Neighbor 2 is a riddle sport the place gamers have to resolve puzzles whereas gathering varied objects that afterward will assist them progress via the sport. After ending Act 1 contained in the Peterson’s home, and Beat Act 3 in Whats up Neighbor on the Bakery, now it’s time for gamers to maneuver on to Act 3.

Takes place in a lake home on the sting of Pleasant Court docket the place the Taxidermist lives, he’s recognized for his hatred in direction of intruders which is why he’s at all times holding a shotgun to chase all of them off his property.

The E-book-Formed Key’s used to open the storage room within the Museum, the place Mr. Peterson is at the moment residing. Upon unlocking the door, a secure shall be positioned within the room’s nook. The secure is locked with a code, which may be deciphered by fixing the gear puzzle of the Coronary heart Key in Whats up Neighbor 2. Unlocking the secure rewards Quentin together with his digital camera, which brings gamers to a different nightmare, ending Act 3.

Whats up Neighbor Act III Aide

Some cross-over exists between Beat Act 3 in Whats up Neighbor. Within the occasion that you just haven’t but completed the in-between portion taking spot in an alternate time, stroll into your own home for a cutscene, then snatch the inexperienced key out of the automobile trunk to get to the neighbor’s dwelling and get the phone. With that far eliminated, now could be the best time to get every little thing rolling again on the customary interactivity.

Within the first place, snatch any little, throwable factor, (for instance, the VHS tape in your house) and two packing containers. There are once more confines the storeroom of your own home, or you could find some exterior within the neighbor’s yard.

With these issues shut by, head round the proper half of the neighbor’s dwelling to the again. Toss down the containers earlier than the open mesh the place a crimson swap is scarcely noticeable.

Bounce on the case tower and toss your factor on the change to flick it over and open an entryway inside the home.

Break the window straightforwardly near you and head inside the home. Promptly flip left and enter the entryway that was opened by the swap, which prompts just a few lengthy preparations of stepping stools going up.

How To Beat Act 3 In Whats up Neighbor 2

Beat Act 3 in Hello Neighbor

To beat Act 3 in Whats up Neighbor 2, gamers ought to collect 4 Information Items to search out the secure and get a Historic heart’s room key. Each bit is procured within the wake of deciphering a riddle within the lake home whereas hiding from its gatekeeper, Mr. Otto. To reach on the home, gamers ought to plunge from the city’s broadcasting station WCB4 tv, flip left, then, at that time, go straight previous the STOP indicators. The items may be tracked down within the wake of finishing the next riddles:

The Chest Puzzle

The chest’s key may be tracked down on the next ground, inside Mr. Otto’s cushion in Beat Act 3 in Whats up Neighbor. The sewn texture of the cushion ought to be sliced via with scissors to acquire it. There are some scissors on the Taxidermist’s crafting desk within the storm cellar within the occasion that gamers don’t have them of their stock.

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Then, discover a chest within the cellar underneath the steps resulting in the principal ground. To reach at it, gamers ought to clear two wood boards with a Crowbar. Within the occasion that gamers didn’t maintain the Crowbar from previous Acts, one may be tracked down in a bookshelf on the next ground.

The Tusks Puzzle

Getting the next Information Piece requires discovering three engaging letters (F, B, and C):

  • The letter F is within the restroom, caught underneath the bathroom cowl.

Beat Act 3 in Hello Neighbor

  • The letter B is discovered on the first ground, on the mass of what resembles a space for storing for each one of many embalmed creature’s heads and skulls. To reach at it, climb the primary wood board, then, at that time, face the wall and give attention to the proper aspect.
  • The letter C is located on the most noteworthy level of the rooftop, on prime of a paint can. To reach on the rooftop, gamers must climb the exterior aspect of the home or make the most of the window on the prime of the storage room.

Within the wake of getting each one of many engaging letters in Beat Act 3 in Whats up Neighbor, gamers will really need to open the cooler and get the Stag’s Tusk. To deal with this riddle, go to the next ground and discover the Stag casing and put the lacking Horn on it to uncover the key cupboard. Get well a information piece from it.

The Bear Puzzle

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The next piece is within the storage room on the primary ground inside a bear’s mouth. To activate the bear’s specialist, gamers ought to search out the lacking Change. It very effectively could also be tracked down within the storm cellar on one other bear sculpture. The sculpture is discovered virtually within the heart of the cellar.

Within the wake of acquiring the swap in Whats up Neighbor 2, return to the storage room, discover the bear sculpture towards the end of the room, then put the swap on the bear. Sit tight for it to open its mouth, and the piece is inside the participant’s compass.

The Microwave Puzzle


To get the ultimate Information Half, gamers must open the microwave, which is modified to open subsequent to activating 4 preserved pig’s heads. The heads are unfold round the home and may be tracked down within the following areas:

  • On The Fundamental Ground: Two heads may be discovered; the primary is true near the microwave, whereas the second is printed on the prime of the mass of the storage room. To reach at it, gamers must climb just a few wood boards, as it’s so far as potential up.
  • On The Subsequent Ground: The preserved head may be tracked down outlined on the wall earlier than the steps. To reach at it, gamers can get on the wood board as it could actually’t be reached ranging from the earliest stage.
  • In The Storm cellar: After reaching the steps, gamers can discover the fourth head laid in plain sight to the proper aspect.

Go up the preliminary two stepping stools to a touchdown stage, then, at that time, pull the crimson swap over the entryway. Go to search out the rollercoaster monitor. Nonetheless, we’re not occurring this half but. As an alternative, go down the crimson flight of stairs in your proper aspect, and make the best way on your left on the backside of the steps.

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