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How to Beat Councilor Vay Hek Warframe

Beat Councilor Vay Hek Warframe is the Grineer supervisor of Earth. He’s among the many most influential and harmful Grineer, being chargeable for the Cicero Toxin to hurt Earth’s forests, the reconditioning of the insane and exceptionally aggressive The Grustrag Three warriors, the Balor Fomorian warships that may annihilate capital ships and Relays, and the animalistic and rapidly reproduced Fiends.

Vay Hek is battled on Oro, Earth, which may be accessed solely by gamers of Mastery Rank 5 or larger. After defeating him and finishing the mission, gamers will get Hydroid half blueprints.

Vay Hek’s fanatical loyalty to the Grineer trigger has pushed him to spearhead numerous Grineer operations towards the Framework. As simple as he’s zealous, he’s recognized for hijacking Tenno transmissions to ship boastful messages, with targets starting from Relay broadcasts to even a Devstream.

Mixed together with his main scenario within the Grineer hierarchy and (in a while) entry to the formidable Fomorian armada, he’s fairly presumably of essentially the most harmful adversary the Tenno have skilled.

How To Defeat Councilor Vay Hek

Vay Hek is a supervisor from Grineer that seems on Earth throughout your Oro mission. Warframe Harrow Prime Weapons Hek is a harmful enemy who has had numerous medical procedures to alter his physique for fight.’

Vay Hek may be defeated with quite a lot of Warframes since he’s simple to beat with solely a tiny quantity of accuracy and a really a lot constructed weapon.


You may battle Vay Hek on Earth’s Oro mission.

Particular Rewards

On the level if you beat Vay Hek, you’ll be given a random half to make use of to make Hydroid.

Among the many Hydroid components that Vay Hek might in all probability reward are the next:

  • 38.72% of Hydroid Neuroptics
  • 38.72% of Hydroid Chassis
  • 22.56% of Hydroid Frameworks

How Can Vay Hek Be Killed?

The Chase

When the mission begins, you may be approached by Vay Hek, who will insult you and try to steer you to pursue him, the place Grineer adversaries will assault you.

Vay Hek might begin attacking you in a number of higher locations on the off likelihood that you simply don’t comply with him or kill any rivals that are available in your path.

Vay Hek will try to strike you inside every location, nevertheless a weak level upon his again shall shine, so within the occasion that you simply shoot it and trigger excessive hurt, he would escape to the next district.

Drone Type of Vay Hek

Vay Hek will assault you underneath his preliminary type, his drone avatar, the place he might try to fireplace machine weapons at you, carry out assaults that may trigger your HUD interface to malfunction, and extra.

To forestall being harmed, it’s finest to not allow them to go too close to to you. Subsequently utilizing slug hops and avoids might be essential whereas coping with him.

On the level when Vay Hek’s well being is low, he’ll try to suck the life from any of the encircling Grineer warriors; to maintain this from occurring, you must kill all of the Grineer adversaries from whom he’s trying to take life.

Mech Type of Vay Hek

Throughout this ultimate section, Vay Hek will assault you in numerous procedures, and also you simply need to dodge when required and trigger as a lot harm to him as conceivable.

how to beat councilor vay hek warframe

Who would win in a battle, Darth Vader or Darth Maul?

This was the identical Darth Maul that was optimistic about his skill to defeat a gathering degree grasp and his apprentice, the identical Maul that was keen to battle his former grasp who he known as essentially the most influential man on the planet. This was the Similar Darth Maul that was keen to gamble with the eye of the entire Jedi order in an effort to face Kenobi as soon as once more.

It’s because he had heard legends of Darth Vader’s accomplishments. Farm Harrow Prime Warframe Certainly, Maul had battled Jedi, nevertheless 8 of them and not using a second’s delay? And successful? Certainly, Maul had been in battles, nevertheless he had by no means slaughtered armies. He has battled chamber degree Jedi, and received, nevertheless he had by no means embarrassed them.

Certainly, he had been sliced down the center and fallen an important distance but Vader, Vader had been sliced down the center and been burnside close to dying, he had fallen off bluffs and reconstructed himself, he has been caught on the backside of an ocean and nonetheless made due, he has had a stream of lava diverted at him and he has swam via it. Darth Maul was heading in the right direction to be afraid.

As a result of no matter what Darth Maul achieves, he really doesn’t examine. Darth Maul at his finest, kills gathering degree Jedi, Vader, at finest, kills 8 on the identical time. Darth Maul is only a grasp of Juyo and Ataru whereas Vader is THE MASTER of Djem On this approach, and a grasp of Suresu, Makashi, and Juyo.

Does Darth Vader have any redeemable qualities?

An excellent swordsman, a devastatingly sturdy Drive shopper. A pure pilot and mechanic: Darth Vader’s simply actual limitations come from his accidents. Even if these limitations are crippling, Darth Vader managed to evade them by attaining a level of experience that might in all probability have been past him on the off likelihood that he’d remained complete.

Courageous. On the level when Darth Vader needs one thing, he will get it. He might process others with conducting a mission. Nonetheless he received’t ever take cowl behind them. As an alternative, ought to the chance introduce itself, or in any occasion. As the necessity may come up, he’ll hurl himself completely into battle towards numerically superior possibilities.

Crafty. Darth Vader is certainly not a senseless hooligan. He grasped the hazard of permitting Insurgent assault runs on the Loss of life Star. Through the Clone Wars he managed to hide from Rely Dooku. An particularly expert fencer, that he had furtively mastered a complete distinctive fashion from the one he’d utilized of their previous expertise. Solely in an effort to fatally shock Dooku at an opportune second. He had a present for ways and audacious plans. His most important actual flaw, as Anakin or Vader, was his completed lack of self-information.

Darth Vader doesn’t simply give up. The previous Marvel comedian books even present him being fooled into standing earlier than a pressure door, which unexpectedly was opened up. The plan was to assassinate Vader by sucking him into interstellar area. Darth Vader steadied himself towards the speeding winds, then engaged his will, and walked proper again inside.

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