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How To Unlock All Endings in Amnesia: The Dark Descent

All Endings in Amnesia: The Darkish Descent Second simply to Outlive, Frictional Video games’ Amnesia: The Darkish Descent has steadily been refered to as the most effective, most influential frightfulness video games made. Delivered in 2010, Amnesia follows Daniel, an everyman who finds himself caught inside a baffling and feeble palace often called Brennenburg. Whereas inside, Daniel experiences horrendous animals and tangled puzzles, all whereas making an attempt to keep up his psychological soundness.

Amnesia: The Darkish Descent, as most different video games, features a few contrasting endings. For this example, every ending is about off by a specific game-plan taken by the participant whereas contained in the Circle Chamber. The ultimate setting in Amnesia that lies on the core of Brennenburg Palace.

Frictional Video games, the sport’s indie designer, continued the previous recreation’s heritage by making actually bloodcurdling interactive suspenseful thrill rides. For instance, “Amnesia: Resurrection.”

This one is totally different for the reason that engineer didn’t reinvent the collection. As a substitute, it utilized a substantial lot of the perfect elements of “The Darkish Descent.”

Frictional Video games’ most up-to-date repulsiveness recreation is a 10-hour thrill journey, which might finish in three potential finales. The ending will depend on the participant’s actions as they full the phases till the ultimate remaining one. In line with Inverse’s most up-to-date report, from the start, many people believed that “Amnesia: Resurrection” simply has two finales. But there’s truly a 3rd one.

Amnesia: Resurrection is yet another phenomenal recreation by the designer of the out and out terrifying Amnesia: The Darkish Descent and Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs. Resurrection is equally as haunting an encounter for gamers whereas introducing them to new and fascinating areas. The sport develops the collection in quite a few methods, together with in its assorted story decisions.

Unlocking All Endings in Amnesia: The Darkish Descent

Amnesia: Resurrection will save the sport after gamers end repairing the elevator within the tower. Timed Strike Coaching in Gotham Knights Gamers can reload this ending piece of the sport assuming they could wish to see the varied endings somewhat than enjoying by the entire recreation.

Daniel’s Ending (the Revenge Ending)

For this ending, Daniel should topple all of the pillars in request to wreck Alexander’s customized. The bottom begins to shake and the Shadow creeps underneath Alexander, who screams in ache, curls into the fetal place, and dissolves right into a blue mist, seemingly killed by The Shadow, nonetheless by no means touched by it. The Shadow nonetheless doesn’t contact Daniel, and after the display screen fades to darkish, a brief cutscene will play of Daniel seemingly leaving the citadel.

Alexander’s Ending (the Dangerous Ending)

Doing nothing within the Circle Chamber will set off this ending. After Alexander disappears by the doorway, Daniel will hear the prisoners and the younger girl he killed begging for benevolence whereas the Shadow invades the room and appears to destroy him inside a minute.

Agrippa’s Ending (the Nice Ending)

To set off this ending, Daniel should place Agrippa’s head within the entrance simply earlier than the planning is completed.


After the ending, the phrases “The Finish” will present up at the point of interest of the display screen. Alongside a brief string of letters and numbers on the backside. Every ending provides you an alternate string. Assemble the strings in request from Daniel’s ending, Alexander’s ending, and Agrippa’s ending to get the password for the tremendous secret rar doc within the recreation organizer.

How To Unlock All Endings in Amnesia: The Dark Descent

What online game has essentially the most endings?

The sport with essentially the most endings by a large margin is Star Sea: Second Improvement. Change Show Identify In COD MW2 It’s a change of the Second Story recreation. The story is considerably the identical with the principle characters investigating the mysterious Sorcery Globe meteor and occurring an expertise by house.

Delivered by Sq. Enix this recreation has a whopping 100 endings relying upon how the participant handled the relationships of the characters within the recreation alongside a few different occasions. A quick search on Youtube reveals essentially the most endings anyone fan has gathered is within the 70s proving that is an immense recreation to complete in any occasion, for completionists.

Not all of the thirty third noticed their strategies as sane, and severed to assist the refugees, with additional help by the CIA.

Walker decides to go off-mission and cease Colonel Konrad and finish the viciousness. He does this by by chance murdering civilians, by accidently destroying the town’s sole water provide. And by killing all people he sees, leaving finally simply himself. And the Colonel who had dedicated suicide a while earlier than the beginning of the sport.

Why is Amnesia: The Darkish Descent so efficient in scaring folks?

It’s compelling in scaring people due to varied causes. First, it doesn’t enable you a chance to retaliate, and you may make tracks. Second, it does a gradual employment of not telling you the monster, it both provides you a touch or flashes of it. That leaves the individual’s thoughts to its creativeness and a many people would consider the worst state of affairs making the sport considerably scarier.

Additionally you’ll be able to hear sounds making it look like one thing will go after you unexpectedly and places you at edge. The sport additionally doesn’t make it irritating to beat a sure stage due to a monster because it disappears when you respawn, it simply provides a level of creepiness.

The Outlast collection – Outlast is a variety of a copycat of what Amnesia did, nonetheless on steroids. Amnesia: Resurrection – One other Amnesia? That’s proper! Moreover, it does exactly actual factor the bygone one did, but an entire lot higher. It casts you as a pregnant lady making an attempt to outlive a airplane crash within the desert. In a short time you discover a crack to a different, lots stranger world and the scenario flies of the rails. I actually cherished this one.

Undoubtedly, the ending ranges are actually frail, nonetheless the primary three… good gracious. Particularly that horrendous home! Severely disturbing. It’s a re-visitation of construction for the Resident Malicious collection and usually a most well-liked frightfulness recreation over Amnesia no matter whether or not it forged you as a defenseless weakling.

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