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Monolith M1570 Review – Specifications

The vast majority of Monoprice’s audiophile earphones have been pursuing the low-to-mid-three-digits vary overwhelmed by lower-evaluated fashions from any semblance of Monolith M1570 Assessment, Sennheiser, and Beyerdynamic. But, the open-back, planar-attractive M1570s are clearly conflicting with tougher adversaries. They appear to be a extra effectively manufactured variant of Audeze’s LCD-X earphones ($1699), with fats, extravagant lambskin earpads, large earpieces, and related four-pin, locking XLR connectors the LCD-Xes use.

A significant units of open-upheld, planar enticing earphones with a heat shade to their present, their dimension and weight would possibly put some off and so they’ll require superb high quality pack to separate the very best execution from Bluetti AC200MAX Assessment. Monoprice’s most up-to-date planar earphones provide magnificent sound and a broad soundstage. A couple of elements keep crude just like the unreasonable weight, frail steel kind, and conceivable plan defect within the hyperlink.

The Monolith™ M1570 Planar Earphones make the most of a 106mm planar enticing driver encased in a gorgeous, open again lodging. It features a wealthy, cushioned headband and earpads for open to tuning in overstretched timeframes. With a drawn out soundstage, lavish, wealthy sound, and nice kind high quality, the Monolith M1570 Assessment carries an enormous price to execution proportion to the earphone market.

Monoprice has contributed a ton of time and money in Monolith collection objects provide a smidgen of the whole lot for music viewers members and residential theater devotees. The scope of things incorporates amplifiers, subwoofers, turntables, energy enhancers, and earphones.


  • Driver Dimension: 106mm
  • Most excessive Energy Caring for: 5W (for 200ms)
  • Most excessive: SPL >130dB
  • Recurrence Response: 5Hz ~ 50kHz
  • Absolute Consonant Twisting: Beneath 0.1% @ 100dB
  • Impedance: 60 ohms
  • Productiveness: 96dB/1mW
  • Very best Energy Necessity: 200mW – 4W
  • Weight: 23.6 oz. (670g)


  • Heat, vigorous present
  • Agreeable to put on


  • Weighty and massive in dimension
  • Doesn’t accompany Adjusted XLR hyperlink
  • Extra expensive than M1070 mannequin nevertheless comparative spec

In Field

However the lambskin earpads, the Monolith M1570 Assessment incorporate a bunch of velour earpads, which can change the vibe and the sound. (Actually check out the estimations to understand how they have a look at.) It incorporates one 6′ (1.8m) hyperlink with a 1/4″ (6.3mm) plug on the supply finish. Monoprice says it can earlier than lengthy provide a discretionary hyperlink with a four-pin XLR adjusted connector on the supply finish. The bundle likewise incorporates a 1/4″- to-1/8″ (3.5mm) connector. Albeit the M1570 earpieces make the most of related smaller than regular XLR connector because the Audeze LCD-X ‘telephones, Monoprice says the pin-out is exclusive, so post-retail hyperlinks supposed for the LCD-Xes received’t work with the M1570s.

There’s likewise a semi-hardshell journey case included. It’s beneficial for stockpiling, but at 11.5″ by 11.5″ by 5″ (292mm by 292mm by 127mm), it’s possible excessively huge for the whole lot besides car journey.


As regards to the components that contact the perimeters of your head, the M1570s are magnificently agreeable. The lambskin cushions are extravagant and it’s gentle to brace pressure. Be that as it might, the earphones are moreover extremely weighty: with out the hyperlink and with the lambskin cushions, they weigh 1.412 kilos (644g) on my scale, versus 1.392 kilos (631g) for the LCD-Xes, which I’ve at occasions alluded to as “giant bruisers.”

You will get wonderful earphones which are a few portion of that weight, for instance, the Dan Clark Sound On 2 Shut, which weigh 0.728 kilos (330g). I just about grew to become accustomed to the Monolith M1570 Assessment’ mass, but I’m a fairly large individual; listening specialist Leena Vital tracked down it excessive to endure after round 20 minutes. One other challenge is that the sunshine clasping pressure isn’t ample to maintain the weighty earphones from transferring round on you whenever you flip your head quickly.

202004 monoprice case 1


  • Hotter tone than M1070
  • Vivacious strategy to take care of music

Give how comparative the Monolith is to the M1070 in plan and highlights, the belief – mainly for me – is that sound high quality would be the sport changer between the 2. There’s a distinction between them nevertheless a slight one, and ultimately, I favor listening to the M1070.

With the 2 earphones related to a Concord Magic 2 DAC, the soundstage is depicted in comparable extension and the extra I tune in, the tougher I discover to inform a really outstanding distinction between the M1070 and M1570’s common presentation.

Monolith M1570 Review

To my ears, the Monolith M1570 Assessment with the lambskin earpads is basically neutral, with a tiny little bit of clue of an edge within the excessive pitch. A way or one other the velour cushions, however their considerably raised excessive pitch, don’t seem to compound this individual, and so they make a sense of a smidgen extra “air” and element. The lambskin cushions likewise add some further kick and punch within the bass that I didn’t really feel was important. With usually materials, I marginally favored the velour cushions.

Listening board

For a very long time to come back, the M1570s are the final earphones for which I’ll have the choice to request the impressions of a listening board. In an actual sense a day previous to California’s sanctuary arrange request was given, I had the choice to do a listening assembly with LeRena Main, a Los Angeles saxophonist who’s stood agency on a number of footholds within the music enterprise and is a democratic particular person from the Razer Blade 15 Assessment. I fitted the M1570s with the lambskin cushions, considering their marginally punchier bass can be nevertheless she would favor, and requested that she distinction them with the Audeze LCD-X and the Dan Clark Sound Æon 2 Shut earphones with their inventory earpads, and to the Andover Sound PM-50s.


  • Considerably heavier than M1070 mannequin
  • Not probably the most best ergonomics for extra modest heads
  • Adjusted XLR hyperlink connectors

202004 monoprice detail2

I might primarily do that course of once more the phrases I composed for the M1070 in gentle of the truth that each it and the M1570 earphones are virtually indistinguishable apparently and development, the primary fashionable distinction is that the layer for the open-upheld a part of the earcup takes on an alternate look, and that the Monolith M1570 Assessment entails an alternate connector for the hyperlink.

What’s it prefer to make the most of Monolith by Monoprice M1570C?

Assuming you’ve at any level seen these old school photos of younger girls in decorum class adjusting thick hardbound books on their heads, you have got some considered the way it feels to put on the Monolith by Monoprice M1570C. In a phrase it’s weighty. It weighs 642g — pause and imagine within the occasion that you’d put on a cap that weighty. Maybe it’s well worth the effort for the 106mm planar enticing drivers prepared, that are over two occasions the scale of most monumental distinctive driver over-ears.

202004 monoprice detail

The M1570C highlights a shaped case that has comparable points with a hatbox. Inside you possibly can accommodate your M1570C with its detachable adjusted small scale XLR hyperlink and two preparations of ear cushions. It seems extravagant, with unobtrusive logos, liberally estimated calfskin ear cushions (sorry, veggie lovers), and a covertness darkish colorway. The headscarf pad is fake calfskin, and that suggests you possibly can change the pre-introduced cowhide ear cushions for the velour set within the occasion that you just don’t make the most of creature objects.


I might agree that the Monolith M1570 Assessment most memorable actually a-list earphones. Sonically, there’s truly nothing to not like. Ergonomically, there are some things to not like. Monetarily, they’re a wonderful association. Clearly, it relies on every audiophile to concentrate on execution versus price versus solace, nevertheless I query many, if any, viewers members will probably be disheartened by the M1570s.

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