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Pokémon Unite January 31, 2023 Update Patch Notes

A brand new patch has arrived in Pokémon UNITE, which has introduced much-needed stability adjustments to many Pokémon. Together with the much-needed stability adjustments, builders have launched new Store updates, occasion updates and extra. With the Pokémon Unite Patch Notes, allow us to break down the January 2023 replace intimately.

Pokémon Unite January 2023 Replace Patch Notes: Steadiness Changes


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Sableye might too simply use Shadow Sneak to securely disguise in stealth, so Shadow Sneak has been nerfed to offer Sableye’s targets extra alternative to retaliate.

Shadow Sneak

  • Time taken for the transfer is used till Sableye enters stealth: 0.75 sec → 1.5 sec
  • Sableye now can’t enter stealth, whether it is left unable to behave between the time Shadow Sneak is used and when stealth begins.

Urshifu (Single Strike Fashion)

Urshifu’s fists are used extra for offence than defence, Depraved Blow has been nerfed. Ebon Fist’s means to throw opponents was additionally too highly effective, so it has been nerfed.

Depraved Blow

  • Injury discount whereas charging: 30% → 20%

Depraved Blow+

  • Injury discount whereas charging: 60% → 40%

Unite Transfer: Ebon Fist

  • Injury was lowered by 25%
  • When no course is designated, Ebon Fist offers harm to and throws solely the designated Pokémon.

Urshifu (Fast Strike Fashion)

Boosted fundamental assaults and Surging Strikes have been buffed, in order that Urshifu can proceed attacking with out interruption. Flowing Fists took too lengthy to succeed in its full energy, so it has been buffed.

Boosted fundamental assault

  • Transfer cooldown discount: 1.5 sec. → 2 sec

Surging Strikes

  • Cooldown: 13 sec. → 11 sec.

Unite Transfer: Flowing Fists

  • Variety of instances the consumer must deal harm so as to enhance the follow-up assault’s consecutive blows by one: 3 → 2


The mobility and assault energy of Swords Dance was too robust, so it has been nerfed.

Swords Dance

  • Cooldown: 5 sec. → 6 sec
  • Assault enhance: 15% → 12%


Pokémon Unite movesets Scyther Scizor cover
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Scyther’s mobility was far too excessive all through the battle, so Twin Wingbeat, Swords Dance, and Inexperienced Phantasm Dive have been nerfed.

Twin Wingbeat

  • Cooldown: 5 sec. → 6 sec

Swords Dance

  • Cooldown: 6 sec. → 7 sec
  • Assault enhance: 15% → 12%

Unite Transfer: Inexperienced Phantasm Dive

  • Stage one space of impact lowered by about 30%
  • Stage two sprint distance lowered by about 20%

Mr Mime

Mr. Mime has been in a position to contribute significantly in battle from begin to end. To cut back Mr Mime’s functionality within the second half of battle, Confusion, Energy Swap, and Showtime! have been nerfed.


  • Injury lowered by 15% (Extra harm dealt when opposing Pokémon hit obstacles was not adjusted)

Energy Swap

  • Motion pace enhance when linked to ally Pokémon: 15% → 10%
  • HP restoration when linked to ally Pokémon lowered by 15%

Unite Transfer: Showtime!


Moonlight and Gravity have been buffed in order that Clefable can extra simply shield its allies.


  • HP restoration elevated by 15%


  • The time that opposing Pokémon are left unable to behave has lowered from 0.5 sec to 1 sec.


  • Phantom Pressure has been adjusted to make it simpler for Hoopa to warp freely.
  • Hyperspace Gap has been buffed as a result of its means to offer a bonus had decreased.
  • Rings Unbound was buffed so it may be extra simply timed.

Phantom Pressure

  • The transfer now targets a chosen location as a substitute of a chosen Pokémon’s location.

Hyperspace Gap

  • Cooldown: 12 sec→ 10 sec
  • Cooldown earlier than ally Pokémon can return to the warp location: 15 sec. → 10 sec
  • Cooldown earlier than Hoopa and ally Pokémon begin recovering HP: 0.5 sec → 0 sec

Unite Transfer: Rings Unbound

  • Unite gauge wanted: lowered by about 15%


Pokémon Unite January 2023 Update Patch Notes, Pokémon Unite Dragapult Guide cover
Picture by way of The Pokémon Firm

The harm dealt by Shadow Ball has been buffed.

Shadow Ball

Shadow Ball+

There are extra adjustments launched as part of the most recent Patch Replace in Pokémon Unite.

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