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Pokémon Unite Theia Sky Ruins Map Guide: Tips, Tricks and Strategies

The month of September has introduced ahead the Theia Sky Ruins map within the Pokémon Unite. The map has changed the earlier Remoat Stadium map in each the Ranked and Normal battle modes. On this information, our focus will probably be on this new map of Theia Sky Ruins in Pokémon Unite. Therefore, gamers ought to learn on to study distinctive map options, map guidelines, and all wild Pokémon on the map. Observe that, our earlier map information has all of the fundamentals of the MOBA sport talked about. The unaltered options didn’t get a point out on this piece. Solely the modifications and alterations have been talked about right here. Subsequently, the gamers ought to learn on, accordingly.

Pokémon Unite: Theia Sky Ruins Map Information

The map from the highest appears nearly the identical because the Remoat Stadium one. When zoomed in, it’s much more completely different, with utterly distinct options.

Newest Map Mechanics

Spawning Floor

spawning floor is situated on the farthest proper or left aspect of the map, trying like round pads. It’s the place playable Pokémons‘ respawn after getting knocked out. Additionally, it offers huge therapeutic and motion velocity on Pokémons that stand on it.


Similar to every other MOBAsPokémon Unite additionally has lanes that stretch in 3 completely different instructions. Within the meantime, listed here are the three completely different lanes:

  • Prime lane
  • Center lane
  • Backside lane

All lanes besides the center lane are comparable. The center lane is completely different, as a result of it doesn’t have objectives, however stronger wild Pokémon in comparison with the lanes. Within the Theia Sky Ruins map, nonetheless, the highest lane is a solo lane.


Picture through The Pokémon Firm

In comparison with different MOBAs, the primary goal or the primary approach to win the sport shouldn’t be by destroying the enemy base, it’s by scoring extra Poképoints than the enemy staff. Furthermore, to attain Poképoints, one should defeat Pokémon’ so as to have the ability to financial institution them on Objectives. Every staff has 4 outer Purpose Zones and one base Purpose. The outer purpose zones are those that may be destroyed when particular quantities of objectives are scored.

Flux Zones

Every lane resulting in an outer Purpose Zone will give a velocity increase to the allied Pokémon standing on it, indicated by blue streaks of sunshine on the Pokémon. This velocity buff will disappear if the Outer Purpose Zone resulting in it will get destroyed.

By the way, when gamers strategy the enemy space/lanes, there can be a velocity debuff, and their motion velocity would considerably lower.

Air Currents

Pokémon Unite Theia Sky Ruins Map Guide
The blue zones point out the air present areas after the destruction of the respective purpose zones. The orange areas have air currents when Rayquaza seems. (Picture through The Pokémon Firm)

This function spawns solely after a purpose zone is destroyed, or the foremost Boss Pokemon (Rayquaza) spawns within the closing 2 minutes. These air currents spawn in fastened places, offering a motion velocity enhance to anybody in its space, in addition to for a short while, after leaving. The zones of air present are because the above-given map.


Theia Sky Ruins map additionally comprises berries to assist the trainers. Nevertheless, a slight change now makes just one Citrus Berry out there on the highest lane. The Salac Berry to extend motion velocity can also be out there in Central Lane, simply beside the realm the place Rayquaza would spawn.

Bounce Pads

Like in Remoat Stadium, there are 4 Bounce pads discovered on the Theia Sky Ruins map. Standing on these bounce pads will propel a Pokémon to fastened places on the map! The Tremendous Bounce Pads can be found 5 minutes into the sport in every staff’s residence zone. The opposite smaller bounce pads (4) can be found within the center lane.

Theia Sky Ruins: Listing of Wild Pokémon

The state of affairs of Wild and Boss Pokemon on this new map has utterly modified. Listed below are the names of the brand new Pokmon and their capabilities respectively:

Regular Pokemon

Bunnelby & Diggersby

  • Lanes- Prime and Backside
  • Aeos Vitality dropped– 2 or 5 (for Bunnelby), 2 or 7 (for Diggersby)
  • Results and Description- Drops Factors and XP when defeated. The Bunnelby with 2 factors flees when hit and doesn’t assault. The Bunnelby with 5 factors is ready to assault. The Bunnelby which aren’t defeated with 2 minutes remaining, evolve into Diggersby.
  • Spawns at the beginning of the sport, 9:40.
  • Respawn Timer- 1:00

Baltoy and Claydol

  • Lanes- Prime, Backside, and Center; solely Center lane for Claydol
  • Aeos Vitality dropped– 2 (Baltoy), 3/4 (Claydol)
  • Results and Description- Drops Factors and XP when defeated. Evolves into Claydol with 2:00 on the timer.
  • Spawns at- 9:45 / 9:40 / 9:10 / 9:00
  • Respawn Timer- 1:00


  • Lanes- Prime, Backside
  • Aeos Vitality dropped– 6 or 8
  • Results and Description- Seems on the backside lane. When the primary purpose zone is destroyed, it seems together with the lanes of the destroyed purpose. Drops Factors and XP when defeated.
  • Spawns at- 9:45 / 9:40 / 9:15
  • Respawn Timer- 1:00

Natu and Xatu

  • Lanes- Prime (Natu), Center (Xatu)
  • Aeos Vitality dropped– 1/2 (Natu), 2 (Xatu)
  • Results and Description- Natu seems within the jungle entrance from the highest lane. Each Pokemon give XP and Aeos Vitality when defeated.
  • Spawns at- 9:40 / 8:40 / 7:40 / 6:40 / 5:40 / 4:40 / 3:40 / 2:40 / 1:40 (Natu), Xatu pawns initially of the sport within the nearest level of the center lane to the house base.
  • Respawn Timer- Natu will all the time spawn within the prime lane in common intervals till both of the highest 1st purpose zones is destroyed.

Swablu and Altaria

  • Lanes- Prime, Center, Backside
  • Aeos Vitality dropped– 2/3 (Swablu), 5/7 (Altaria)
  • Results and Description- They seem collectively after any purpose zone is destroyed. They drop factors and XP upon getting defeated.
  • Spawns at- Prime & Backside: 8:50, 7:20, 5:50, 4:20, 2:50, 1:20/ Center:  8:00
  • Respawn Timer- 1:30

Buff Wild Pokemon

Picture through The Pokémon Firm


Spawn Time 9:40
Respawn Time 1:00
Factors Earned 4 / 7
Impact Grants the orange aura to the Pokemon which knocks it out. Whereas your Pokemon has this aura, fundamental assaults deal additional injury and reduce the motion velocity of opposing Pokemon for a short while.


Spawn Time 9:40
Respawn Time 1:00
Factors Earned 4 / 7
Impact Grants the purple aura upon getting knocked out by any Pokemon. Whereas your Pokemon has this aura, transfer cooldowns are decreased for a short while.

Boss Pokemon

boss pokemon
Picture through The Pokémon Firm


Spawn Time 2:00
Respawn Time N/A
Factors Earned 30
Impact Rayquaza seems in the course of the Last Stretch (2:00) and is the alternative of Zapdos. Grants a protect to the allied staff that negates injury and protects the Pokemon from getting interrupted when scoring. Reduces the cost time by half. Stacks with Purpose-Getter.

As Rayquaza seems, air currents seem in fastened areas of the map that grants motion velocity enhance. The variety of air currents is determined by the variety of purpose zones destroyed. Easter Egg- Rayquaza roams across the map earlier than the two:00 mark. The gamers on the Prime Lane can usually see it flying round in a distance.


Spawn Time 7:00
Respawn Time 3:00
Factors Earned 20
Impact When defeated, it heads in direction of an enemy purpose zone to make it defenseless for twenty-four seconds. Moreover, it helps the allied staff whereas pushing. The substitute of Rotom.


Spawn Time 7:00
Respawn Time 3:00
Factors Earned 20
Impact Grants EXP to the staff that secures it. Additionally will increase their HP restoration velocity for 90 seconds. Randomly rotates with Regirock and Registeel, in a selected match, chances are you’ll solely get both of those 3 Regis.


Spawn Time 7:00
Respawn Time 3:00
Factors Earned 20
Impact Grants EXP to the staff that secures it. Additionally provides them elevated Protection and Sp. Protection for 90 seconds. Randomly rotates with Regice and Registeel


Spawn Time 7:00
Respawn Time 3:00
Factors Earned 20
Impact Grants EXP to the staff that secures it. Additionally provides them elevated Assault and Sp. Assault for 90 seconds. Randomly rotates with Regirock and Regice.

Pokémon Unite Theia Sky Ruins Map: Ideas and Methods

On this part of the map information. gamers will probably be shared some ideas and tips to play Pokémon Unite.

  • Gamers should be mindful the spawn and respawn timing of the wild Pokemon. Rotate accordingly. The jungle on this map is filled with extra Wild Pokemon than within the earlier one. Therefore, loads of alternatives to extend ranges.
  • Since no Zapdos can be found anymore to show the outcomes of the matches within the closing 2 minutes, retaining a headstart can be very very important. Therefore, solely those solely dependent upon the jungle ought to go to the center lane, in any other case, prioritize profitable the lane battles and scoring loads of early objectives.
  • Preserve some Aeos Vitality in retailer (a minimum of 25-30) for the ultimate stretch when the purpose doubles itself.
  • The Rayquaza goal is vital, however make certain the entire staff isn’t engaged in that struggle. Beating Zapdos left the opponent’s objectives defenseless, now that received’t occur. Therefore, make certain your defenders/allrounders are on the bounce board, defending the objectives (in case your staff is main). In case you might be trailing, attempt to win staff fights on the opponent’s objectives.
  • On this map, staff sport has change into an absolute necessity. If both of your teammates is idling, take into account you might be already doomed.
  • At all times tackle the target bosses (the Regis). Particularly the Regieleki, which is the one boss that may enable you to with making the opposition purpose defenseless.
  • Attempt to maintain on and defend the highest lane 1st purpose so long as potential. It will be essential throughout Regieleki fights.
  • Folks ought to prioritize profitable the Regieleki fights as shortly as potential, in order that the ultimate Regieleki arrives simply in time, for gamers to knock it out earlier than the ultimate stretch.
  • On this map, gamers ought to attempt to embrace allrounders, defenders, and supporters as many as potential.
  • One should attempt to persist with a staff sport and observe the staff’s methods.

Last Ideas

In case folks have reached this sentence, take into account themselves o be filled with fundamental data concerning the map already. Gamers ought to maintain the mentioned issues in thoughts and in case they need assistance with Pokemon-based steerage, do discuss with our particular person Pokemon newbie guides from Pokemon Unite.

What are your ideas on the Theia Sky Ruins Map Information in Pokémon Unite? Tell us within the remark part under!

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