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Simon Leviev Wife – A sequel to “The Tinder Swindler”

The popularity of “The Tinder Swindler” has been embraced by OTT people who are now researching the life of Simon Leviev, the con-man character in the series. Many searches are made for Simon Leviev Wife. This question is being asked by people all over the world, including those in Canada, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Simon Leviev is a con-man, who has cheated many women he met online and has made a lot of money.

The Story of Simon Leviev

The documentary “The Tinder Swindler” revealed Simon’s true identity as Shimon Hayut, a conman who scammed Tinder users and stole hundreds of thousands of dollars. Simon presented himself to Tinder women as a billionaire and then lured them into stealing their money. He also did the same to Polina, whom he calls Simon Leviev ex-Wife. He is a Russian actress and model. Although there is not much information about her, one thing is certain: she was a Tinder fan and split from Simon.

People began to ask about the woman in real life. Now, the woman, who was believed to be Simon Leviev’s girlfriend, has been revealed. It’s interesting to see that Leviev deleted all of his social media accounts since the film was released. Although it raised questions, the identity of the girl has been made public.

What is Simon Leviev Wife

Kate Conlin is most likely Simon Leviev’s lover. Kate Konlin, an Israeli Model, had seen Simon Leviev via Tinder. Conlin also revealed that Simon had reached out via Instagram during an interview. Conlin also admitted that Simon had disclosed all about his past to Konlin, and that they started dating after learning the truth.

She said she believed Simon didn’t hide anything from her, and that she accepted Simon after she understood his actions. Simon also convinced Kate Konlin with high-end gifts to get her married. Like many other women he attracted through Tinder, Simon Leviev Wife is also a victim to her desires and other things. Simon is happy with his girlfriend at the end of his story. Simon is portrayed as an Israeli liberated man who lives happily with his girlfriend.

A sequel of “The Tinder Swindler”

Simon Konlin and Simon Konlin are reported to have split after the film’s release. Simon may have removed his Instagram account due to this split. He had previously included Kate Konlin’s posts on the account.


Simon Leviev, who has been a favorite of viewers around the globe since the premiere of the latest Netflix documentary, “The Tinder Swindler”, has been a popular choice. A lot was said about his past and present. The details of Simon Leviev Wife have been revealed. There are reports that the public is also following the story closely. Simon presented his wealth as an entrepreneur billionaire to Kate and lavishly gifted her gifts.

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