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Stantler Evolution Arceus Pokemon New Update

This guide will help you learn the procedures to Stantler Evolution Arceus and help you understand its particulars and capabilities.

Are you a fan of Pokemon? Are you a huge lover of various types of Pokemon? Do you know how to acquire Pokemon? They are extremely cute creature that has caught the attention of many. Likely, you are also an avid Pokemon enthusiast.

Another version of Pokemon is available for those who love it to purchase. Pokemon is a favorite game in many countries Worldwide. This article will focus on Pokemon’s Stantler Evolution Arceus. For more information about this hottest type of Pokemon read on to the article.

All About the Stantler

  • It’s a common Pokemon with massive horns.
  • The rate of evolution for this Pokemon is unfortunately slow.
  • This is a single attack on the EV yield.
  • This Pokemon is classified as”C-tier” quality Pokemon.
  • It can defend itself against 62 assaults.
  • Stantler has the highest attack power. Stantler can be measured at 95.
  • It is equipped with 85 special attack power.
  • Its speed for this Pokemon is also 85.

Let’s continue to learn about the capabilities of Stantler and how to evolve Stantler Legends Arceus?

What are the capabilities of Stantler?

There are three capabilities and they are:

Ability number 1: To Intimidate, this power reduces the attack of an opponent by one level after the user of this ability switches to begin the fight.

Ability number 2: To Frisk, This ability functions for the benefit of the Pokemon’s owner because it is said that, based on the ability Stantler Pokemon can see weaponry of the enemy.

Ability number 3 The sap-sipper is an obscure characteristic or ability that is only activated when it is sucked up a bit from any grass material.

What is The Stantler Evolution Arceus

The Pokemon evolves and transforms into Wyrdeer.

After fighting with the style of quick 20 times, players can transform their Stantler Pokemon into Wyrdeer.

It will remain a regular type of Pokemon but it will develop the best type of physical.

Let’s talk about some important specifications.


  • Name- Stantler Arceus.
  • Type- Normal Pokemon.
  • Foods that it loves: Grains and Beans.
  • The Creator- Game-Freak
  • The Date of Releasing- 28th January 2022
  • Available on various platforms available on platforms The Nintendo-Switch.
  • Genre- Open-World and Action.

How to Evolve Stantler Legends Arceus?

The players can transform their mythology Arceus by following these easy methods:

  • The players are expected to obtain the Stantler from the top of Deertank.
  • Check that your Stantler is on the 21st floor and is in a position to switch moves.
  • At level 31, your Stantler will become more agile.
  • You can then take in this Pokemon in battles over and over again, and ensure that you’re playing its agile version at least 20 times.
  • Finally, the Stantler you evolved is available. Take a look at this Evolved version.


After looking at the data and facts regarding Stantler Evolution Arceusthis article would conclusively say that Evolution was recently added as a Pokemon to the Stantler series. It’s an excellent Pokemon with fantastic physic. A must-have in the collection of your Pokemon collection.

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