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State of the Meta (The Tank Misconception) Patch 12.23

With pre-season in full swing, there was a lot of modifications within the general meta primarily because of the big modifications to mythic gadgets for the tank function. This has created an enormous false impression that at the moment, the league meta is totally tank-centric and that they’re dominating in a approach not seen since 2016’s notorious tank meta. This nonetheless couldn’t be extra flawed tanks will not be the strongest within the sport proper now and fairly it’s tank counters like bruisers which have actually come to dominate the present meta.

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The very first thing to take a look at and the simplest option to learn how sturdy champions usually are is simply their win price on OP.GG. Out of the highest 10 win charges within the high lane the extra tank-centric lane there are a complete of two champions that you possibly can classify as tanks. These two champs are Shen an enormous lane bully that dominates most different tanks and Nasus who actually is extra of a bruiser. The opposite eight high winrates are all bruisers, Camille, Mordekaiser, and particularly Fiora are all champions who dominate tanks however can even totally take over a sport. Fiora is the quintessential tank killer with big mobility, cc counter, and naturally her true harm. When each lane tanks are nowhere to be discovered as a result of whereas in a vacuum the brand new gadgets are good for them they straight up can’t compete with bruisers.

The opposite largest difficulty is the merchandise modifications benefitted bruisers far more than tanks usually. To me, the largest merchandise change has been to Ravenous Hydra. Hydra has change into a monster with its stacking harm and omnvivamp many bruisers can abuse this merchandise to no finish creating an unkillable monster. The opposite merchandise to essentially take a look at is Jak’Sho one of many new tank gadgets has discovered its house on bruisers fairly than tanks. The monstrous quantity of resistance together with the well being drain permits each tanks and bruisers to make the most of the merchandise nicely the one distinction is bruisers deal considerably extra harm taking rather more benefit of the stats.

When attempting out the brand new patch gadgets like Heartsteel may be extremely enjoyable however are by no means overpowered as many have claimed. In actuality, Hearsteel is barely very highly effective on a really choose few champions(Sion) though I’ll say it’s an incredible merchandise in aram. Tanks usually have too many counters that may be performed in each function and is confirmed by the winrates at the moment. This meta will almost definitely shift over the approaching months however as of proper now if you wish to win I counsel attempting out some bruisers.

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