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The complete Raiden Shogun Constellations Guide and Tips

Constellations are a technique of creating characters stronger in Genshin Impression. Earlier than the discharge of Inazuman characters like Kazuha again in model 1.6, HoYoverse used to place probably the most useful constellation on the finish of the constellation tree. This was clearly to power whales into spending a whole lot of {dollars} attempting to max out the 5* character constellations. Raiden Shogun was the primary character within the historical past of Genshin Impression the place probably the most highly effective constellations had been put as early because the 2nd and third ones. 

Whereas it’s true that the 2nd and third constellations give Raiden an enormous energy spike, it have to be addressed that her different constellations are not so good as the primary three, and gamers should not really feel pressured to get this. There’s a basic understanding within the Genshin neighborhood that the C6 model of a 5* character is the strongest model of the character, and normally, it’s true. Nonetheless, within the case of Raiden Shogun, the final three constellations are very a lot not going for, and this text will go over why that’s the case.

The significance of Raiden Shogun’s C1-C3

C1: Ominous Inscription

Raiden’s first constellation is a somewhat low-impact one. It helps her acquire resolve slightly bit sooner particularly if she is paired with Electro teammates. DPS enhance from C0 is 5-12% relying on the weather and burst prices of her teammates.

C2: Steelbreaker

Raiden’s second constellation is the game-changing one. Throughout burst mode, Raiden’s assaults ignore 60% of the enemy’s DEF. This doesn’t operate the identical manner as DEF shred. It’s taken under consideration after any DEF shred has been utilized to the enemy. Due to this fact, DEF ignoring is stronger than common DEF shred. Not like RES shred, DEF shred doesn’t give diminishing returns the extra it’s stacked. DPS enhance from C1 is 43%. DPS enhance from C0 is 51-61%. Only a few characters have such a rise in DPS from C2 alone.

Picture by way of HoYoverse

Many gamers, largely free-to-play have been tempted to tug for Raiden’s second constellation, and understandably so. It’s not tough to purpose for five* constellations for free-to-plays, because the reruns are spaced out somewhat evenly. The second constellation is such highly effective one may even tempt some free-to-plays into changing into mild spenders.

C3: Shinkage Bygones

Each character’s third and fifth constellations add three ranges to their elemental talent or burst. Fortunately in Raiden’s case, the third constellation provides three ranges to her burst. Most of Raiden’s equipment lives and dies by her burst, and three additional ranges lead to pure elevated DMG. DPS enhance is 16-18% from C2 and 76-88% from C0.

Picture by way of HoYoverse

The third constellation is when Raiden stops gaining any extra DMG. C3 Raiden is at her peak by way of DMG potential. It is without doubt one of the strongest third constellations in all the recreation, growing her DMG by a most of 88% from C0. that is the perfect stopping level for free-to-play and most gamers usually.

The underlying points with Raiden Shogun’s C4-C6

C4: Pledge of Propriety

After Raiden’s burst mode ends, all occasion members excluding Raiden acquire a 30% bonus ATK for 10s. The issue with this ATK buff is that Raiden’s burst is rarely used first in a rotation. This ATK buff may situationally be helpful within the staff’s second rotation. DPS enhance is none.

C5: Shogun’s Descent

Genshin Impact Raiden Shogun Constellations
Picture by way of HoYoverse

Provides three ranges to Raiden’s elemental talent. It’s fairly ineffective since most of her DMG doesn’t come from her talent. DPS from C4 enhance is 1%, and DPS enhance from C0 is 78-91%. 

C6: Wishbearer

Attacking enemies throughout Raiden’s burst mode will cut back teammates’ burst cooldown by 1s and it may be triggered as much as 5 occasions. The issue with that is that at this level, there isn’t a profit from reducing the burst cooldown. All of Raiden’s staff rotations are optimized by taking their base cooldown under consideration and reducing the cooldown doesn’t change a lot. DPS enhance is none.

Remaining Ideas

As we mentioned on this article, constellations 4 to 6 are pretty ineffective for Raiden Shogun by way of her DMG potential in addition to staff assist utility in Genshin Impression. Most gamers is not going to profit from getting Raiden to C6. Due to this fact, gamers are suggested to spend their Primogems correctly and need for different characters or weapons as an alternative. 

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