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The ultimate guide to buying a telescope

When shopping for an optical instrument like a telescope, deciding on the very best one to put money into will undoubtedly be depending on what you wish to use it for. Investing your cash in the very best telescope will assist you to get pleasure from a few years of enjoyment from astronomy. Shopping for low cost designs will present faint star gazing. Therefore, investing in a telescope manufactured by high-end manufacturers like Williams optics in Australia is smart. Proper? There’s a huge demand for optical devices in and round Australia. Exports of optical units and equipment in Australia averaged 3.12 AUD million from 1988 till 2022. It reached an all-time excessive of 26 AUD Million in November 2019.

Nevertheless, shopping for the best one will take a number of work. You will discover many choices to select from; one must make a number of issues whereas selecting the best telescope, which makes the choice difficult. So to present you ease, here’s a fast information on shopping for a telescope. Learn on!

Issues to think about when shopping for a telescope

Varieties of telescopes

There are three kinds of telescopes- Reflector, refractor and Cassegrain. However in case you are a first-time purchaser, you need to think about solely the primary two sorts. Cassegrain telescopes are additionally very good, however they’re a bit superior and sophisticated for first-time patrons.

Refractor- It’s a telescope that makes use of two or extra lenses to collect and refract mild. The primary benefit of the Refractor Telescope is that they supply a extra crisp picture of the article being considered and can be utilized for terrestrial viewing.

Reflector- These telescopes use spherical or parabolic curved mirrors to collect mild. They’re essentially the most economical sort of telescope for bigger sizes. Nevertheless, these telescopes can’t be used for terrestrial viewing and wish occasional upkeep to make sure it’s working at their finest.

Varieties of mounts

If you’re shopping for a telescope, you would wish a mount. You will discover three kinds of mounts obtainable within the market- Dobsonian, equatorial and altazimuth.

  • Dobsonian Mounts– These mounts use a lazy-susan fashion platform and a few type of hubs to maneuver in altitude.
  • Equatorial Mounts– These mounts require extra setup as they should be adjusted to your latitude and aimed North; nevertheless, they’re much less intuitive than Altazimuth mounts.
  • Altazimuth mounts- These are easy mounts designed for the Altazimuth Mounted Telescopes in a easy up/down and left/proper.

Whichever mount you purchase, guarantee it’s sturdy sufficient to carry the optical tube with out wobbling.


The aperture is the diameter of the first lens or mirror of the telescope. The larger it’s, the extra mild the telescope gathers. Therefore, extra mild gathering means higher and brighter photographs. Nevertheless, keep away from shopping for telescopes that declare to supply extra magnification like 300x, 600x, and so forth.; it is a certain signal of poor high quality. A good commercially offered telescope normally begins about 60 mm in measurement and goes about 20” in diameter or extra. The massive downside with shopping for extra aperture is that it will increase the dimensions and weight of the telescope.

Different issues

Apart from the above talked about issues, you could think about a couple of extra issues when shopping for a telescope manufactured by Williams optics in Australia.

Eyepieces- If you’re a newbie, you need to pay particular consideration to them. Make certain the telescope you purchase comes with eyepieces which are Kellner or ideally Plossi design. Each telescope comes with 1 or 2 eyepieces.

Finder scope- It’s a small telescope that sits on the highest of the primary optical tube and helps intention the telescope in the best course.


After going via this text, you can also make a way more knowledgeable resolution about what kind of telescope you can purchase.

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