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This is Land My Land – PC game Review

Following the release of Red Dead Redemption 2 which showed settlers living in the wild land that would later become the USA Some gamers desired an indigenous Indian perspective on the moment of turmoil. Game-Labs, the developers of the game Game-Labs have set out to create exactly that by releasing This Land is My Land A game filled with breathtaking scenery and natural beauty with a focus on survival and development. We were able to play the game last week.

The entire land is Yours to Own – Enjoy it!

I was enticed to play This Land is My Land after watching the trailer. The graphics were amazing and the idea of a game of survival/strategy that is based on Native Indians intrigued me. If you are a fan of good survivalgame, share with us in the comments what your favorite games.Warpaint is essential for any territorial battle.


Starting from the beginning, in its main menus, it offers you the possibility of starting an attack instead of starting the game from scratch. It gives you a glimpse of what’s in store as you fight for your land within the frontier. When you advance and begin playing the game, you’re presented with three different game challenges. Classic, offering a simpler gaming experience that focuses less on survival, and more focus on combat and stealth. It’s immersive, “This is how This Land Is My Land is supposed to play!” exclaims the description. It is packed with survival techniques, dark nights and warmth, hunger and many more. In addition, there’s Custom that lets you alter settings if you wish to incorporate aspects of each of the two challenges. I went with Classic since I’m very bad in survival games. I was happy to find that the game offered the possibility of toned the game’s apprehension somewhat.

Once you are in the game you have the chance to develop your character’s appearance, giving them life , so to speak. Incredibly, the stat boosts you get here are based upon the title you choose for your character and the choices you make for dialogue. I thought this was a strange but interesting idea since I’ve never seen this before. Also, you have the option throughout the game to decide how challenging the beginning is for you. It was a striking departure from the usual builder of characters and totally random, though I’m not sure if there’s an undiscovered game mechanic in play here.Insane Start? That’s a hard pass from me!

When you first enter the wilderness, you’re given small tasks to help start you off, such as collecting flax and wood. You also get missions that require you to raid camps to help others or to take down the settlers to retaliate. In the end, you have the task of expanding your territory and creating alliances with tribes that are scattered across the landscape. Initially, I was a bit disappointed because it easy to get lost in the smaller goals. It was because of other attractive and more difficult missions being offered at the beginning. As a newbie survivalist, I was a bit hesitant and I think it’s a game targeted towards more experienced players of this type.

Horse riding during the game was unclean at times. It could be improved to make it better by reviewers. While riding, it isn’t always able to concentrate on the direction you’re riding in. The ever-dangerous obstacles to be even more dangerous. The horse appears to have just two speeds. The horse can walk along, or full speed. I was able to find myself, due to these two problems going full speed into rocks and trees. It could mean getting hurt or nothing at all , as the collision mechanics were not reliable at times. The horses were also part mountain goats, which are often capable of climbing over steep rock faces.

Audio & Graphics

When I first played the game, I was awed by the high-quality graphics. The game has been designed to be reminiscent of Red Dead Redemption 2, which it is likely to be compared to. The foliage is thick and varies in color and it is plentiful. If the sun illuminates the trees, it can make for a spectacular picture-worthy view.Capturing the land and stunning photographs

The game’s wildlife isn’t as plentiful in this game, as it is in Red Dead, but you are likely to spot a few deer who wanders across your path and entice you to go after for them. The sounds around you create an immersive experience in the game. Rain plays a significant role in this by obscuring any sound in the vicinity. It can obscure the camera by dropping droplets, which I found to be clever.

There was no live music score to accompany battles, meaning that the tension that was there was not felt. Some might prefer this method instead of the omnipresent music scores, however. Voice acting as well as sound effects is excellent and even listening to them during combat was a great way to get you into the action.Beautiful scenes, and sometimes trees crashing into each other!


I’m not a survivalist, so I fell off the game quickly. For those who like these types of games, there are plenty of goals and goals that you can take on. I took it on a trial basis however. I thought that if I invested more hours into the game, it could provide me with more information and fun. I might revisit to play on a rainy day for a relaxing filled with gaming.

Final Thoughts

I had a blast exploring This Land is My Land. The twist on the western adventure game featuring Native Indians interested me and I was not disappointed by the concept or the feeling. There were some areas that I believed the game could be developed to make it an enjoyable experience. When playing, I was of the opinion that the developers of the game were looking to make a larger game overall. I’m sure the developers were engrossed with issues that were beyond their control while creating the game that may have hindered their efforts in some way. For those who enjoy game of survival, this is definitely worth trying because there are a lot of elements in the game that you’ll appreciate.

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