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Tips to beat Dendro Hypostasis boss

Genshin Affect lately launched the brand new Model 3.2 Replace containing the newly launched and anticipated 5-star Dendro character, Nahida together with a brand new 4-star Cryo character Layla. Not solely that they’ve additionally launched some new bosses to combat, the brand new weekly Trounce Area boss, ‘Eternal Lord of Arcane Knowledge’ and a brand new Overworld boss, ‘Dendro Hypostasis’. The Dendro Hypostasis is a boss situated within the Sumeru area which drops ascension supplies solely unique to Dendro characters. At present, within the recreation, solely Nahida requires the distinctive character ascension materials. On this information, we will likely be discussing and giving tips about how one can defeat the Dendro Hypostasis in Genshin Affect, together with recommending what characters try to be used for the boss combat.

Discover and Unlock the Dendro Hypostasis Boss in Genshin Affect

Gamers should unlock the Sumeru area, primarily the desert area of the map, with a view to have entry and find the Dendro Hypostasis.

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The Overworld boss is situated on the ‘Land of Decrease Setekh’ inside a hidden cave. Vacationers can both stroll in the direction of the cave or use the closest teleport waypoint to spawn close to the boss. As soon as gamers teleport to the situation, they’ll leap down and glide from the cliff and make their method in the direction of the sting, until they spot an enormous cave that descends to disclose the Dendro Hypostasis.

Genshin Affect Dendro Hypostasis Boss: Fast Overview


  • Code Identify: Zayin. A high-purity Dendro entity.
Genshin Impact Dendro Hypostasis Boss
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There are vital deviations in behaviour between this being and the opposite Elemental Hypostases, although nobody has but produced a dependable conclusion as to why that is the case. In line with the deductions of some researchers, Elemental Hypostases have the information required to “study,” which is how they use “mimesis” to provoke assaults. Nonetheless, the flexibility to include info to create change additionally opens one to the danger of data contamination. As this creature learns and modifications, the aim of its delivery — regardless of how academically unquantifiable it might nonetheless be — might but change into so distorted as to be rendered irrelevant.

Supplies and Gadgets dropped by the Dendro Hypostasis Boss

  • Character Ascension Materials: Quelled Creeper.
  • Artifact Units: Berserker, Teacher, Adventurer, Gladiator’s Finale, and Wanderer’s Troupe.
  • Ascension Gems: Nagadus Emerald Sliver, Nagadus Emerald Fragment, Nagadus Emerald Chunk, and Nagadus Emerald Gemstone.

Genshin Affect: Defeat the Dendro Hypostasis Boss

A hypostasis that makes use of an inert shell to defend itself. It now shows abnormalities resulting from having been corrupted by some unknown affect. It’s essential to seize moments the place its elemental core is uncovered to assault successfully. When it’s at risk, it’s going to launch Restorative Piths which have the properties of Tri-Lakshana Creatures. Use Dendro to revive these Piths and induce a Regular State in them to repeatedly cleanse the Dendro Hypostasis, and use Electro to set off their Activated state and pace up the cleaning course of. Utilizing Dendro assaults on the Dendro Hypostasis’ core can even assist to cleanse the creature. Full the cleaning course of to finish the problem.

Assault Patterns and Talents

There’s a complete of 5 completely different assault skills that the Dendro Hypostasis could cause. Be sure you study the assault patterns with a view to dodge and run away accordingly.

Mucky Orbs: The Dendro Hypostasis shoots 3 waves of orbs on the participant, with every dealing 40% ATK as AoE Dendro DMG on hit and forsaking residuals on the bottom that offers 5% ATK as AoE Dendro DMG each 0.5s. Merely keep away from the dendro orbs by working away and ensure to not keep on the dendro residuals after the orbs contact the bottom.

Mucky Orbs
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  • Plunging Assault: The Dendro Hypostasis turns into a big vine-like ball and encases itself in a vine shell, then it bounces up and slams down on the participant’s location a complete of three instances, dealing 70% ATK on the primary assault, 70% ATK on the second and 100% ATK on the final bounce as AoE Dendro DMG. Gamers can cease the onslaught of assaults by utilizing a Pyro character to inflict pyro onto the vine shell which can burn down the vine shell and can interrupt its assault. If there isn’t a pyro within the celebration then merely time the plunging assaults by dodging in time or utilizing the i-frames.
  • Whip Combo:  The Hypostasis transforms itself right into a whip and assaults thrice, the primary one dealing 40% ATK, the second 60% ATK and the final whip assault dealing 80% ATK as AoE Dendro DMG. Time the whip combo and dodge the assaults by both working away or utilizing i-frames.
Genshin Impact Dendro Hypostasis Boss Guide revival phase
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  • Vine Spikes: The Dendro Hypostasis sends its shell into the bottom that transforms into 4 vines that spike from the bottom, dealing 20% ATK as AoE Dendro DMG. Shortly after, extra extra thorns will then develop from the vines, dealing a complete of fifty% ATK as AoE Dendro DMG. Throughout this assault, the Hypostasis’ core is uncovered. The vines will not be quick sufficient to inflict injury on the gamers therefore you may merely stroll away from the 4 vines that sprout one after the other. That is additionally an excellent place to inflict injury onto the Dendro Hypostasis’s core so use this chance. One other factor to notice is that these vines might be burned down by merelyinflictingPyro onto them.
  • Vine Jail: The Dendro Hypostasis surrounds a big space with vine obstacles that deal 10% ATK as Dendro DMG on contact. The vines will step by step shut in in the direction of the Hypostasis. After the vines attain the Hypostasis, a robust explosion will happen, dealing 250% ATK as AoE Dendro DMG. Similar to the Vine Spikes, throughout this assault theDendro Hypostasis’s core will get uncovered making it extra perceptible to deal injury. Moreover, the vine obstacles additionally might be burned down if the celebration has a Pyro character. Burning the obstacles will cease the entire ‘Vine Jail’ sequence and permits the participant to flee.

Revival Section

After whenever you deplete the HP of the Dendro Hypostasis to 5% or beneath, the boss will enter a Revival Section and can launch three Restorative Piths. A cleaning progress bar will seem beneath the HP bar. When this bar is absolutely stuffed, the cleaning will likely be accomplished and the combat will finish inflicting the Dendro Hypostasis to be defeated.

Revival Phase
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Restorative Piths have the properties of Tri-Lakshana Creatures (a fight and exploration mechanic applied on the Sumeru area) and can spawn within the Scorched state. The three completely different states are as follows:

  • Regular State: When hit by the Dendro aspect, the Restorative Piths will enter the conventional state. Each regular Restorative Pith will improve the cleaning progress bar by 2.167% of each second.
  • Activated State: When hit by Electro, the Restorative Piths will enter the Activated state. Each Activated Restorative Pith will improve the cleaning progress by 6.667% each second.
  • Scorched State: When hit by Pyro, the Restorative Piths will enter the Scorched state. A Scorched Restorative Pith won’t improve the cleaning progress and therefore keep unchanged.

Though, hitting the Hypostasis’s core straight with Dendro will even improve the cleaning progress by 0.183%. This may happen not more than as soon as each 0.4s. Throughout this revival section, the Hypostasis will periodically launch a dice on the participant, which can deal 60% ATK as AoE Dendro DMG. If a Restorative Pith is hit by this assault, it’s going to return to the Scorched state.

Be sure you end the cleaning progress bar shortly, as a result of if the participant fails to cleanse the Hypostasis inside round 22 seconds, the Dendro Hypostasis will revive. The primary revival will restore 50% Max HP to the Hypostasis; The second revival will restore 25% Max HP; All subsequent revivals will restore 12.5% Max HP. Be sure you word that the cleaning progress will carry over to the following Revival Section so gamers don’t have to fret about beginning the progress bar once more.

Achievements accomplished from the Dendro Hypostasis Boss Battle

  • The Marvelous Makes use of of Nitrogen Fixation – Throughout one Dendro Hypostasis problem, trigger three Restorative Piths to be in an Activated state concurrently. Will be achieved if the participant brings a Dendro character that may apply AoE Dendro to activate all three Restorative Piths.
  • Data of the Fall – Burn the Dendro Hypostasis’ vine shell as it’s performing a Plunging Assault. Deliver a Pyro character within the celebration and inflict pyro onto the vine shell.

Within the Overworld Boss combat, gamers should convey a Dendro character within the celebration with a view to allow the Restorative Piths progress bar or else the boss can’t be defeated absolutely and would revive itself with HP. Pyro and Electro characters are really useful to convey to the celebration. Though bringing a Pyro character is sort of a double-edged sword. Though inflicting Pyro onto the Dendro Hypostasis’s core will trigger an enormous quantity of injury as a result of Burning impact, your on-field character will even be inflicted with the Burning impact inflicting them to take steady injury.

Genshin Impact Dendro Hypostasis Boss team comps
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It’s suggested to convey a Shielder to the celebration in case you are planning on utilizing a Pyro character. Bringing an Electro character to the celebration is essentially the most viable choice largely due to two causes. One is that dealing Electro on the Hypostasis will trigger Catalyze reactions similar to Quicken, Worsen and Unfold enabling it to deal extra elevated injury onto the Dendro Core. Moreover, as soon as the Dendro Hypostasis is in its Revival Section, Inflicting Electro onto the Restorative Piths will enter an Activated State and improve the cleaning progress charge shortly. Listed below are some really useful characters to convey to the Dendro Hypostasis Boss combat.

  • Electro DPS/Sub-DPS characters: Raiden Shogun, Fischl, Cyno, YaeMiko.
  • Pyro DPS characters: Hu Tao, Yoimiya, Diluc, Klee, Yanfei
  • Shielder (If Pyro is on the celebration): Zhongli, Diona, Noelle

That’s all for the Dendro Hypostasis information in Genshin Affect!

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