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Tips to beat the Red Velvet Dragon Boss

Guild Battle is a crucial recreation mode in Cookie Run: Kingdom because it offers you weekly rewards. The upper ranked your guild is, the higher rewards you’ll get. Nevertheless, it’s exhausting to be in a high-ranked guild when you don’t do sufficient injury to the bosses. The Affovamp Comp is the meta workforce for the Purple Velvet Dragon Boss, and listed below are some recommendations on methods to construct it within the Cookie Run Kingdom. It’s really helpful to have the cookies for this comp (Darkish Choco Cookie, Affogato Cookie, Eclair Cookie, Cotton Cookie, and Vampire Cookie) no less than stage 50, nevertheless it’s extra environment friendly when you’ve got your cookies on the maxed stage (Stage 70).

Treasures for this comp are Outdated Pilgrim’s Scroll, Outdated Pilgrim’s Slingshot, and Squishy Jelly Watch. Your Slingshot and Watch treasures need to be maxed so that you can use this comp. A vampire also needs to have no less than Stage 10 Magic Sweet for it to work. You’ll be able to simply craft Vampire’s sweet components from the Magic Laboratory, the place you may craft Cookie Resonants and Swiftness Sugar Crystals.

Timing is the Key

This comp wants particular timings so you may get the perfect quantity of injury. Whenever you enter the match, ensure your Auto button is off. Ensure that to forged Cotton Cookie’s talent as quickly as Eclair’s talent timer is on his hair parting. (In the event you mistime, you may simply reset the match and it received’t use a Guild Ticket.)

As quickly as you see the boss, it is best to forged Affogato and Eclair collectively (you may spam their talent buttons proper earlier than the boss title exhibits up, and solely cease hitting their abilities whenever you’re 100% positive they activated). Afterward, take a look at the Slingshot.

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When the Slingshot timer is on the three o’clock place, forged Darkish Choco. When the timer is within the 7 o’clock place, forged Vampire Cookie. Press Auto” as rapidly as you may. After the primary spherical of timings, the remainder of the cookies ought to have the ability to be forged on time, so long as you could have the fitting toppings and CD substats for all of them.

Whereas these timings may be exhausting to get used to at first, these are the perfect timings for this comp, and randomly tapping the abilities for these cookies received’t deal the identical consequence. It’s best to have the ability to deal no less than 20 million injury to the Purple Velvet Dragon, and extra when you’ve got larger bonds, cookie promotion/ascensions, guild buffs, or Scroll stage.

Toppings for Cotton

Cotton is a crucial cookie on this comp since her summoned sheep assist to guard the workforce from the Purple Velvet Dragon’s swipes and assaults. When timed correctly, she’ll assist your cookies do two rounds of abilities. In the event you timed her fallacious, Darkish Choco will die early within the match and also you’ll deal solely half of your regular injury.

Cotton Affovamp Comp
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She requires a full Swift Chocolate set because you want her to have the ability to summon sheep rapidly. She wants no less than a 28.6% cooldown (that is together with the Topping Set impact; with out the impact, the topping substat would present “23.6%”).

Toppings for Vampire

The Vampire is very really helpful to have a full Searing Raspberry set with as many ATK and CRIT substats as doable. Since he’s the principle injury vendor on this comp (he does greater than half of the group’s whole injury to dragon), it is best to ensure he has the perfect Raspberry set out of the remaining.

Vampire Cookie Run Kingdom Affovamp Comp
Picture through Devsisters

Previous to Vampire’s Magic Sweet, gamers would use a set combined with Juicy Apple Jelly for extra CRIT probability, however since his Magic Sweet ensures a CRIT after his 1st talent, that is now ineffective. One other factor to notice is that Vampire has to forged his talent 3 instances in the entire run and to ensure that his third forged has all of the DEF Lower debuffs from Darkish Choco Cookie and Outdated Pilgrim’s Slingshot.

To verify he’s getting the debuffs, test the higher proper part of the display screen. If his talent hits when the debuff image has a “3” in it, he’s hitting proper on time. If it solely has 2, then you definitely’re lacking out on additional injury from Vampire! Add Cooldown substats till you’re positive his third talent is doing the identical quantity of injury as his second talent.

Toppings for Affogato

Affogato is your second-highest injury vendor, so it’s really helpful that you just use Searing Raspberries with him as effectively. Not like Vampire, when you’ve got good CRIT Harm Landmarks and Sugar Gnome Laboratory Upgrades, you may combine in some Juicy Apple Jelly toppings in his construct.

Affogato Affovamp Comp
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Well-liked builds for him embrace full Raspberry, 3 Raspberries, and a pair of Apple Jellies, and lastly, full Apple Jelly for late-game gamers with a high-level scroll, bond results, and maxed CRIT Harm upgrades.

Topping substat necessities for Affogato embrace no less than 5.5% cooldown and no less than 5% DMG Resist. (The DMG Resist is critical since typically cookies like Affogato and Eclair can die from the Dragon’s “DMG Replicate” assault)

Toppings for Eclair

Like Affogato, there are three well-liked builds to make use of for him. Gamers can select between full Raspberry, 3 Raspberries and a pair of Apple Jellies, and full Apple Jelly relying on their present stage within the recreation.

Eclair Cookie Run Kingdom Red Velvet Dragon Boss
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Topping substat necessities for Eclair embrace no less than 3% cooldown (a most of 4%) and no less than 20% DMG Resist. (The DMG Resist is critical since he can die from the Dragon’s “DMG Replicate” assault when you’ve got a decrease DMG Resist. 20% ensures that you just’ll at all times have Eclair surviving for two complete abilities within the match.)

Toppings for Darkish Choco

Darkish Choco does the least quantity of injury within the workforce, however he’s nonetheless essential since he gives a DEF Lower debuff towards the Purple Velvet Dragon. This, mixed with the Outdated Pilgrim’s Slingshot treasure, means you may lower the boss’s DEF stat by 100%.

Dark Choco Cookie Run Kingdom Red Velvet Dragon Boss
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Topping substat necessities for Darkish Choco embrace an 8% cooldown (you may have a minimal of seven.8% and a most of round 8.6%). In the event you can’t get the cooldown from Searing Raspberries or Juicy Apple Jellies, you should use a Swift Chocolate topping or two since he doesn’t have as excessive of injury output as the opposite cookies.

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