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Understand Your Rights: A Lawyer’s Guide To Florida Grand Theft Laws

Grand theft refers to a selected intent crime the place an individual takes another person’s property aspiring to steal or deprive the sufferer of it. Usually, this crime includes theft of any property valued at $300 and above. If discovered responsible of this crime, the penalty is jail time and a effective.

As well as, you carry the conviction eternally if discovered responsible. This will likely be troublesome, particularly when making use of for jobs, as employers will likely be cautious of those fees. Nevertheless, for the fees to carry, it’s essential to have knowingly and unlawfully taken somebody’s property, meant to deprive the proprietor of their property, and the property was above $300.

Florida has totally different statutes to take care of grand theft crimes. Right here is all you must learn about Florida grand theft.

What’s Florida Grand Theft?

In line with Florida regulation, grand theft refers to any illegal and intentional acquiring of property valued at $750 and above. This crime is a felony offense with penalties like imprisonment, fines, restitution, probation, and a everlasting legal document. It additionally refers to any illegal use of somebody’s property to deprive them of their rights to the property.

Florida Grand Theft Proof at Trial

For the prosecution to carry the defendant accountable for grand theft, they need to set up that the defendant unlawfully and knowingly took or used somebody’s property and that they did so with the intention of completely or briefly depriving the proprietor of their proper to property or to hinder them from benefiting from it.

As well as, the prosecution ought to show that the defendant appropriated the property for his or her private use or one other particular person not entitled to it and that the property was value $750 and above. The prosecution ought to show these three components past an inexpensive doubt if the case is to be held at trial.

Penalties of Florida Grand Theft

Below Florida regulation, the penalties for grand theft rely upon the kind of property and its worth.

Third-degree grand theft

Florida grand theft will likely be thought-about third-degree if the property’s worth is between $750 and $20,000. As well as, it needs to be a will or testamentary instrument, a motorized vehicle, firearm, hearth extinguisher, citrus fruits with a minimum of 2,000 and above items of fruit, commercially farmed animal, a cease signal, or any property whose worth is between $100 and $750 taken from an enclosed dwelling curtilage.

If the property is any of the above, the felony is punishable by a most of 5 years imprisonment or probation and a $5,000 effective.

Second-degree Florida grand theft

A grand theft crime is taken into account a second-degree felony if the property’s worth is between $20,000 and $100,000 or cargo whose worth is under $50,000 and has entered the interstate or intrastate commerce stream from the shipper to the consignee’s dock.

As well as, it may be emergency medical instruments whose worth is $300 and above taken from a licensed facility, plane, or permitted automobile, or regulation enforcement gear valued at above $300 taken from any licensed emergency automobile.

On this case, the felony is punishable by a most of 15 years in jail or probation and a $100,000 effective.


In case you are a suspect of grand theft in Florida, it’s obstacle to grasp what Florida grand theft legal guidelines stipulate and discover a lawyer on your protection in courtroom.

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