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Where Are All The Keys in Hello Neighbor 2

In Good day Neighbor 2, you play as a Keys in Good day Neighbor 2 to uncover the key in your neighbor’s locked basement. To do that, you could sneak round the home, avoiding your neighbor and fixing puzzles to unlock the 4 padlocks on the door. The puzzles may be difficult, particularly when you find yourself being pursued by an indignant neighbor. If you happen to need assistance with any of the puzzles, our full information has all of the steps you want.

After finishing the primary Act, you’ll find that the Neighbor has moved right into a Museum along with his son, and the Museum is crammed with locked doorways that may solely be opened with particular keys. There are 4 keys in whole that it’s essential to accumulate to unlock all of the doorways within the Museum, together with one for the primary entrance and three for the rooms on the second flooring. You may earn these keys by finishing every Act of the sport.

If you happen to’re caught on any of the puzzles, that are surprisingly troublesome, particularly when you must take care of an indignant mustached man stalking you, then we’ve obtained all of the steps you want within the full information under.

Keys in Good day Neighbor 2 is a tense stealth stand-off. Exploring the semi-open world of Wayron Croobs, you’ll should preserve your fingers gentle and your ft quick if you wish to piece collectively the puzzles lurking behind your neighbors’ entrance doorways. Stage Two begins on a brand-new day. If you wish to acquire entry to the museum, nevertheless, you’ll should greatest the city Baker and efficiently swipe the important thing. If you happen to’re having problem with any of the puzzles, this walkthrough will take you by the hand and lead you to victory – simply keep quiet, okay?

Good day, Neighbor 2 is a newly launched sport through which you Coronary heart Key in Good day Neighbor 2 and unlock the situation to get the key objects. It’s important to resolve many puzzles to unveil the key of the neighbors. They’re located in several places and you must discover them with a purpose to progress within the sport.

How To Open The Storm cellar | All 4 Very important Areas

To open the way in which to the storm cellar, you need to procure 4 Keys in Good day Neighbor 2 — every key has a small riddle associated with unlocking it. To get all of the keys and devices you need for the storm cellar, right here’s the place to go and how one can settle every step.

Key #1: For this key, you actually need to collect blocks with numbers. To settle a protected riddle. The hot button is located within the protected on the work space within the first-floor workplace.
  • ‘1’ Block: Within the tv room, to 1 facet of the inexperienced sofa. Totally search within the nightstand.
  • ‘9’ Block: Within the first-floor lavatory. Actually check out within the latrine.
  • ‘8’ Block: On the work space within the small first flooring workplace, near the locked protected.
  • ‘4’ Block: Within the kitchen, open the fridge and actually take a look at behind the plate.
  • Association: Enter the code [1-9-8-4] to open the protected.
Key #2: The hot button is tracked down within the kitchen. Seek for a dollhouse. We actually need to discover and place three dolls to open the dollhouse and collect the important thing.

Keys in Hello Neighbor 2

  • To start the riddle, go to the steps. On the basis of the steps, ther
  • e is a secret tumbler lock behind a portray right here. Make the most of the tv within the sitting area to search out the response to the lock.
  • Association: Enter the code [N-O-T] into the lock. This opens a thriller room.
  • Collect the [Boy Kid Doll] and the [Crowbar] within the thriller room beneath the steps.
  • Put the [Boy Kid Doll] on the dollhouse.
  • Make the most of the [Crowbar] on the board near the dollhouse. Collect the [Girl Kid Doll] and put it on the dollhouse.
  • In the primary corridor there’s a cupboard you’ll be able to conceal inside. Get on prime, transfer the portray and enter the vent to search out the [Neighbor Doll].
Key #3: Make the most of the [Scissors] to reach on the second flooring of the neighbor’s dwelling. Slice by means of the police tape to reach on the subsequent flooring. Within the room, seek for a photograph placement with a torn image inside. We need to end this picture.

Hello Neighbor 2 Walkthrough 1

  • Torn Image Piece #1: Exterior the room, there’s a rack lined with police tape. Minimize it and snatch the picture piece.
  • Torn Image Piece #2: Make the most of a [Crowbar] to open the large chest within the second-floor hallway.
  • Torn Image Piece #3: Transfer onto the hideable pantry within the room and slice the spiderwebs to discover a [Weight]. Take the [Weight] to the customer room. Put it on the steel flooring board to open a pantry containing one other picture piece.
  • Torn Image Piece #4: In the same room, make the most of the scissors to chop open the pad on the ground near the sunshine.
  • Key Space: On the racks to 1 facet of the photograph placement, you’ll discover a case that’s merely marginally protruding. Peer down from above to grab the important thing. This one is attention-grabbing.
Key #4: The ultimate key’s within the sitting room en path to the room. Seek for a inexperienced case on the ground with the [Switch Handle].
  • Put the [Switch Handle] on the repository to 1 facet as you enter, shut to a different big rack. Flip the change to uncover one other secret room.
  • Collect the [Scissors] to slice by means of the cobwebs. Collect the [Battery] and plug it into the management stick within the Customer Room. Make the most of the persist with push the automobile forward, then again. The important thing will probably be on the automobile.

You actually need to discover a battery and use it within the Keys in Good day Neighbor 2 to get the important thing. Within the first place, you actually need to get the deal with from the inexperienced field and make the most of that concept concerning the wall to open the thriller room. Get the battery and take it to the final room the place you get the {photograph} half from the cushion. Make the most of the battery to regulate the RC automobile. Which can deliver the important thing.

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