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Who Counters Orisa Overwatch 2

Counters Orisa Overwatch 2 consists of each one of many heroes and guides from its prequel, Overwatch, which turned out in 2016. Snowstorm intends to proceed the custom of its extra established title with the brand new supply because it has gained monstrous footing within the esports scene and has fostered its personal native space of followers and gamers.

Overwatch 2 has three important lessons – Tank, Hurt, and Backing. Orisa is without doubt one of the heroes who has been endured to Snowstorm’s most up-to-date with a few modifications and contacts in request for it to extra readily squeezed into the brand new local weather. The hero has a spot with the Tank class and is sort of presumably of essentially the most favored character within the class.

Because the ship off of Overwatch 2 occurred, Orisa has had a tremendously distinctive pack for her to take into battle. Her new javelin skills and Excessive can wind up taking up a sport in the appropriate arms, so figuring out the right way to counter her is critical for overcoming her daunting presence. Listed below are the most effective counters for Orisa in Overwatch 2 and normal methods to beat her.

One of the best Orisa counters in Overwatch 2


Zarya generally is a productive counter in opposition to Orisa’s property. Overwatch 2 Gamers Need Blizzard to Buff Junker Queen Her bar can discount hurt her in any occasion, when she makes use of her Javelin Spin to nullify pictures.

She will likewise strengthen herself or a associate when moved by the Spin or targetted by her Javelin toss. Be cautious along with her weighty hurt weapon, nonetheless. Since Zarya may be handily centered on due to her low portability.


In concept, Doomfist is the perfect counter to Orisa. He must be performed round her property precisely to be proficient, nonetheless, on the grounds that Orisa moreover has a number of devices to make issues confounded for the hero.

Together with his excessive portability, Doomfist can unleash destruction within the group’s backline and power Orisa to reposition time and again. He can likewise help himself utilizing Energy Block. Assuming that he will get hurt whereas utilizing this capability. His Rocket Punch will get a hurt buff that may be utilized on Orisa to extraordinary affect.

Look out for Orisa’s Maintain capability. Nonetheless, since she won’t get thumped again by his punch whereas utilizing this buff. It might probably discredit his entire group management restrict.

Pharah and Echo

Since Orisa has low versatility and her Javelin toss lands in an orderly style, she experiences issue aiming at shifting targets. It’s notably legitimate for flying heroes, like Pharah and Echo.

Snipers and flankers

As a normal rule, Orisa is essentially the most grounded in opposition to teams with low portability. So each hero who can level from far off or transfer round her will carry her hardship.

Gatherer may be deadly as properly within the occasion that he can discount hurt to the tank when her skills are on cooldown. Spot her powerless timings to pay attention her from behind utilizing a flanker or from far off utilizing an knowledgeable marksman and produce her down.

Orisa’s skills in Overwatch 2

Orisa entails a mixture weapon because the important weapon and makes use of a javelin in two of her skills. Here’s a rundown of her skills with a brief depiction.

  • Expanded Mixture Driver (Important shoot): Programmed heat-based weapon which bargains extra hurt at brief proximity.
  • Power Javelin (Non-obligatory fireplace): Dispatches a javelin towards the foe knocking them again and paralyzes the foe within the occasion that they hit a stopping level.
  • Invigorate (L-Shift): Will increase wellbeing briefly, diminishes depth of weapon, diminishes incoming hurt, and turns into relentless for a short time period.

who counters orisa overwatch 2

How do you counter every tank in Overwatch 2?

With such excessive versatility, gamers ought to aim to depart the tank hero speechless with selections like Mei, Junkrat. And Roadhog, or highlight a extra coordinated assault on Winston with heroes like Stronghold that may get by way of his safeguard successfully. Counter Reaper in Overwatch 2 Then circle again to nearly another hurt hero.

Junkrat is a real irritation in the entire Overwatch 2 sport. He’s a standing counter to every tank that exists since he can proceed to spam explosives from a protected distance and likewise is ready to quickly sidestep threat. Junkrat can put metal traps that may immobilize Winston, making him a sitting duck to be killed.

When an enormous tank with restricted portability and a goliath safeguard to safeguard gamers. Orisa is presently a quicker and assault centered tank. Whereas Orisa truly has a number of guarded skills that let them to maintain the tank title. Gamers can be shifting towards targets like by no means earlier than with the hero.

Exactly, Reinhardt is the best tank to play as a newbie. He has a mallet and a stable safeguard, nonetheless each can’t be utilized concurrently. His two normal skills are Cost and Hearth Strike.

What do you consider the Overwatch hero Orisa?

It might probably do like 125 therapeutic every second, so the complete two seconds is ample to fix her to max wellbeing even at 1 HP. For ice wall I might make it see by way of for simply companions. Contemplated having it go through-capable for simply companions too, to make her to a lesser extent a savage decide (walling people in produce). Nonetheless, i really feel like it will must be solely both for the wall modifications.

In the end, maybe restrain the hurt tumble off, so he may be considerably higher coping with Pharah. McCree has been in factors of concern beforehand. And has sort of made due, nonetheless this resembles the seventh season the place McCree is actually not excessively nice and doesn’t slot in any meta comp, reality be advised. So maybe he’ll merely be alright nonetheless again and again being in a horrible spot doesn’t shout “adjusted” to me.

I feel Mei wants a complete revise. She is de facto feeble usually and is scarcely at any level performed on the excessive positions. I might hope to revise her cryofreeze, with minor acclimations to her ice wall. For cryofreeze I heard a thought I loved of creating it extra prefer it was in Sasquatch Chase. The place it recuperates her up extraordinarily fast nonetheless it simply goes on for two seconds.

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