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Why you should build Catalyze reaction teams with Dendro

Soften customers, are you aggravated but?

Soften and Vaporize groups at the moment are seeing some competitors with HoYoverse introducing two new Dendro reactions, Bloom and Catalyze, in Genshin Impact model 3.0.

Dendro’s Catalyze response works solely with Electro and will increase the harm output of each components, making it a must-try for gamers who have already got characters like Raiden Shogun and Yae Miko.

Right here’s a fast breakdown of how Catalyze works and its attributes, and some pattern groups that make the most of the response properly.

Each motive to construct Catalyze groups in Genshin Impression proper now

Rationalization of the Catalyze response

Credit score: HoYoverse

The Catalyze (Dendro + Electro) response works considerably just like the Soften and Vaporize elemental reactions. Whereas Soften/Vaporize amplify harm by a multiplier, Catalyze provides a flat harm bonus to your Dendro and Electro assaults on Quickened targets.

As soon as an opponent has the Quicken aura, visually indicated by the intense yellow sparks across the goal, you possibly can entry the second set of reactions, Worsen and Unfold.

Worsen (Quickened + Electro) will increase Electro harm dealt whereas Unfold (Quickened + Dendro) will increase Dendro harm dealt.

What’s so particular about it?

The principle distinction between Catalyze and Soften/Vaporize is how the weather are utilized.

With the usual Soften/Vaporize combo, the ultimate elemental assault consumes the preliminary component and creates the response. As soon as the response is completed, gamers have to use the preliminary component as soon as once more.

For Catalyze, the Quicken aura will not be consumed by Unfold and Worsen, giving gamers a sure period the place they’ll proc both of the prolonged reactions consecutively.

Take into account that if the Quickened goal comes into contact with both Pyro or Hydro, it is going to eat the aura and set off Burning or Bloom respectively.

Pattern staff composition for Catalyze

Catalyze now places the highlight on Electro characters like Yae Miko, Fischl, and Keqing, who persistently apply Electro with their assaults.

We recommend that you just deploy the Dendro Traveler alongside an Electro duo for the Excessive Voltage resonance impact, which provides you a 100% probability of producing Electro particles each time an Electro-related response happens.

The Dendro Traveler’s burst is an environment friendly manner of making use of Dendro on the battlefield. It has a 12-second period which provides you adequate time to modify to your Electro characters and apply Quicken and Worsen.

The fourth slot might be both a healer like Jean or a assist DPS like Sucrose to extend your staff’s total harm output.

Traveler Dendro
Fischl Electro
Yae Miko Electro
Jean/Sucrose Anemo

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